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writing that wows the crowd

Want your customers to fall in love with you? Give them the content they want, when they want it, in a format and style that suits your brand and is fun to read (and share!). All you need to do is give your blog writing, content marketing, website content creation, books, ghostwriting gigs and al...

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art that tickles your fancy

From metal yard signs to wall murals, illustrated books to tattoos, Ryn Gargulinski's art always makes an impact. All in a good way, of course -- except for that image of Snoopy I drew on the garage wall at the age of 10. Dad didn't like that one bit. Visit Etsy shop...

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creativity coaching that blows your mind

Yes, that's me. In a sublime creative moment. You can have them, too. Unleash your creativity to round out your soul. My creativity coaching can guide you toward your creative dreams, whether it's: Writing that book already!Blogging, journaling, unleashing your thoughtsOpening an Etsy shopLaun...

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Meet Rynski

Ask Ryn Gargulinski what she does for a living, and you'll get a pretty long answer. That's because she's a successful writer, artist, coach, workshop leader, speaker, Reiki Master -- and Gemini. "The Gemini thing explains the varied interests," Ryn says. "And my strong drive, positive attitude and spiritual connection explain the success." Ryn initially founded Ryndustries as a way to share her passion and talent for writing and art with the world. The business has since grown to include creativity coaching, Reiki, workshops and writing consulting for others who want bring their work alive to optimum success. Join her!

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World Safety 101 (poem)

  Gotta ban guns. Gotta ban knives. Gotta ban sticks. They all take lives. Gotta ban bats. Gotta ban rocks. Gotta ban lasers and tasers that shock.   Gotta ban pepper spray. Gotta ban stones. They go with the sticks and break all your bones. Gotta ban weights you can smash on a head gotta…

dead man cartoon

The Horror of Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

health insurance horrors of self-employed

danger email scam

The Most Ridiculous Email Scam Yet

most ridiculous email scam yet