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Artist’s sketchbook: a motorcycle party

My latest art haul was inspired by cool Tucson native Gus Nitsche and his equally cool wife Stephanie, who are opening a new motorcycle repair and refurbishing shop on Grant Road.

I’ve known Stephanie since our good ole days in New York’s Alphabet City where we raised hell, kicked butt and did all kinds of things we’re never going to tell you about.

But now Stephanie and I are quite respectable, no? And she and Gus, who is also an artist, wanted art for Friday’s grand opening party for their shop, Ironwood Cycle at 329 E. Grant Road. I happily obliged.


They got cycle-inspired wacky yard art and a biker series of Lucky Voodoo Dolls.

The party, which runs from 5 to 9 p.m. on Friday, July 3, will feature free hotdogs, hamburgers, iced tea and “soda pop,” as Gus likes to call it.

I’ll be on hand taking photos, especially scouting for a cycle that rivals Nitsche’s own 1950 fully restored and glorious Harley Davidson.



Got a cycle that’s just as cool? Come on down and I’ll take photos to post on a future blog. Also come clad in your best biker gear for more fabulous photo ops.

What: Ironwood Cycle grand opening party
Where: 329 E. Grant Road (between First and Stone avenues)
When: 5 to 9 p.m. Friday
Why: Because Gus and Stephanie are cool people and would love to introduce you to their new venture

I’m glad to support the shop opening of a friendly, personable motorcycle man. Wish Gus also fixed cars and not just cycles. He already helped me out with massively long jumper cables when my car’s battery went dead while the car was nestled in my tiny garage.

I’ve also just poured roughly $1,000 into my car in the past two weeks to replace the battery, two tires and an electronic window motor. My mechanic of choice is a large chain that just happened to be the closest one to my house. The folks there seem to be doing OK, unlike others who have diagnosed 352 things wrong with my car when I take it in for a simple oil change.

I’ll give Gus the thumbs up as a guy you can trust. How can you not trust a dude who has a pug named Monkey Butt that follows him around all day and cries at the door when Gus merely steps outside?

Hope to see you at the party. I plan to arrive around 6:30ish for photo ops.

All photos and art herein by Ryn Gargulinski. Refurbished cycle by Gus.

Do you have a scary mechanic story?


What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Artist’s sketchbook: a motorcycle party

  1. I wish I could be there, but I’m going out of town this weekend   🙁

    Good luck with this new venture!  (Where are the pics of Monkey Butt??)

  2. I’ll feature Monkey Butt, and his new sister, Lizzie, on a Tucson Pet post. They are both the greatest.

  3. Man! How come all the good stuff happens when I’m out of town! Free ‘beverages’ and food? I’m there! Alas, I will be cooling my heels in pine country this weekend. Rynski-Do they sell any bikes or just repairs? Consignments maybe?

  4. PS-Rynski- your artwork is fabulous as usual! I especially like the dudes on wheels. Cool

  5. Pooh, I’ll miss both of youse at the party. I’ll have to drink all the soda pop myself. Also, no bikes for sale…yet. Maybe he’ll expand? If Gus got old bikes and refurbished them to the pristine state of his Harley, he could make a mint. Thanks for compliments on art, RadMax.

  6. […] tough guard dog recently adopted from Pima Animal Care Center to protect the couple’s new shop, Ironwood Cycle, 329 E. Grant Road. Lizzie and Stephanie/Photo by Ryn […]

  7. Hey folks, love the art and just happened upon your information.. Visit my websites and I’ll help get the word out.. I’ll stop in & see you soon too…

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