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Best Gift for Family and Friends: Custom Tabloid Covers

Put your favorite folks front and center in bold headlines with custom tabloid covers. Best gift for family and friends who have tons of silly antics you can commemorate forever (and who doesn’t?).

Tabloid covers are crafted using at least five different photos and headlines based on personal experiences, location, likes and dislikes of recipient. The two pictured were for my parents in Michigan and my brother and sister-in-law in California. The glee on people’s faces when they open their custom tabloid cover is priceless — although I don’t think my brother appreciated the Arnie headline.

Prices start at $66 for standard cover with colors and tabloid name of your choice. Price includes ink jet print out on glossy photo paper, approx. 9 x 10 inches. Can get as elaborate as desired. Caricatures are also available to added comic effect. Email questions or for further details at

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Eyeball Art: Eyeball Collage as Great Gift Idea

You no longer have to settle for the ho-hum family photos at exciting gatherings – you can instead engage in artsy projects to REALLY give guests a photo to appreciate – like this striking and colorful eyeball collage.

Featured are a single eyeball from each guest at our Michigan Christmas Eve gathering. You can create similar artistic memories using ear shots, shoe shots (one of my faves!) or nose shots if you don’t mind nose hair.

Make sure to put your camera settings on extreme close-up and also make sure to let your guests know what you’re doing unless you want a whap in the face.

I’d be glad to create a collage using any ho-hum photos you want to send my way. Email for rates based on project:

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Mr. Creepy Crawly Bug Thing: Metal Art after Your Own Heart

creepy crawly bug art
creepy crawly bug art

Creepy and crawly does not have to be gross. It can instead be as sweet as this alien monster burnt-edged bug thing.

What a cute little creepy crawly critter.

This cute creepy crawly critter features metallic gold paint mingled with black polka dots and edging for contrast. His edges were cut with an electric welder, giving him a ragtag, rugged look perfect for imagining him scampering about your yard or living room.

Mr. Creepy Crawly makes a perfect addition to any children’s room, especially if you hang him on the ceiling directly above their beds.

This guy measures approx. 15 in. long from tail tip to neck, 19 wide from bent leg to bent leg and stands about 10 high at his highest point.

Bendable metal legs make it easy for you to place him on a fence, atop your mantle or creeping up a tree.

Buy now on Etsy.

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animation video: Everyone I Know Needs Love



Animal abuse, haters and worldly woes quashed in debut cartoon video

Animal abuse leads to people abuse – we don’t need a rocket scientist to tell us that. We don’t need a rocket scientist to come up with a way to stop it, either. We just need a wacky artist working with a creative music video producer to come up with a funky, fanciful story of two cartoon characters bent on saving the world.

Oh, yeah – we also need a bomb.

The story

Haters are everywhere – and our heroic cartoon duo of Dollie and Doggie make it their mission to stop it. The sweet team starts off thrown in a garbage can, from whence they scamper only to witness a litany of animal abuses. Horses pureed to pulp in a glue factory. Pigs slaughtered for sausage. A puppy mill. The animal abuse works as an analogy for the people abuse, maltreatment and general hatred that saturates the world at large. The video’s song, “Everyone I Know Needs Love,” offers a hint of the solution in store.

The cartoon video collaboration

Dollie and Doggie star in the video, a project born from the twisted collaboration between two Tucsonans. Producer Eric Heithaus worked on the music and animation end of the project. He produced the catchy “Everyone I Know Needs Love” song with pianist Sly Slipetsky and vocalist Angel Diamond, as well as toiled long hours making a stuffed pig fly. Artist Ryn Gargulinski worked equally as hard creating a cast of cartoon characters that always seem to look like they just got hit by a truck. We think it must be one of her trademarks.

The producer

Tucsonans Eric Heithaus and his wife, Amy, are the masterminds behind Heithaus Productions. While their company has produced everything from documentaries to news and features, it is now focusing on music videos. Eric’s music video production tops competitors as he not only produces the video portion, but he’s a talented music producer. His successes include Tucson’s colorful and creative street musician Black Man Clay, vocalist Laura Ward and his band Children of Gods. More at

The artist

Ryn Gargulinski, Tucson resident, Michigan native and longtime New Yorker, has her own list of successes and talents. Writing and art have long topped the list, but this video marks her premiere animated project. Other credits include two illustrated humor books: “Bony Yoga” and “Rats Incredible,” both published by Conari, dozens of news and feature articles, a weekly column and myriad artwork published in a variety of newspapers and journals from New York City to India. Her current gigs include writing four blogs for and her art business of RYNdustries. More at and

WATCH the video on YouTube at at  Heithaus Productions at or on Rynski’s Blogski.

Contact producer Eric Heithaus at and Ryn at

*Quint’s doll’s eyes quote: “And, you know, the thing about a shark… he’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living… until he bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin’. The ocean turns red, and despite all the poundin’ and the hollerin’, they all come in and they… rip you to pieces.”