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Art Therapy Project: COMMUNITY = Lionfish

Here comes another art therapy project, which always produces some insightful stuff.

  • Topic: Community
  • Result: Lionfish made of metal, glue, hardened clay blob, screw eyes and paint

Artist comments:

I thought I was being really clever here, creating a fish where each spike/fin thing represented a different community to which I belong. We got the artist community, writer community, Reiki community, girlfriend community, sister community, daughter community, dog lover community and so on.

When I was done, however, I realized my creation for the topic of community was a poisonous fish that pretty much kills anything that comes near it. Hahahahhaah.

Told you this was insightful stuff.

Too bad I’ll be missing the group session on this topic as I’ll be out of town. What a doozy that one would be!


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Best Gift for Family and Friends: Custom Tabloid Covers

Put your favorite folks front and center in bold headlines with custom tabloid covers. Best gift for family and friends who have tons of silly antics you can commemorate forever (and who doesn’t?).

Tabloid covers are crafted using at least five different photos and headlines based on personal experiences, location, likes and dislikes of recipient. The two pictured were for my parents in Michigan and my brother and sister-in-law in California. The glee on people’s faces when they open their custom tabloid cover is priceless — although I don’t think my brother appreciated the Arnie headline.

Prices start at $66 for standard cover with colors and tabloid name of your choice. Price includes ink jet print out on glossy photo paper, approx. 9 x 10 inches. Can get as elaborate as desired. Caricatures are also available to added comic effect. Email questions or for further details at

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Eyeball Art: Eyeball Collage as Great Gift Idea

You no longer have to settle for the ho-hum family photos at exciting gatherings – you can instead engage in artsy projects to REALLY give guests a photo to appreciate – like this striking and colorful eyeball collage.

Featured are a single eyeball from each guest at our Michigan Christmas Eve gathering. You can create similar artistic memories using ear shots, shoe shots (one of my faves!) or nose shots if you don’t mind nose hair.

Make sure to put your camera settings on extreme close-up and also make sure to let your guests know what you’re doing unless you want a whap in the face.

I’d be glad to create a collage using any ho-hum photos you want to send my way. Email for rates based on project:

You might also like the cool custom tabloid covers that served as gifts for my parents and brother and sis-in-law.

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Mr. Creepy Crawly Bug Thing: Metal Art after Your Own Heart

creepy crawly bug art
creepy crawly bug art

Creepy and crawly does not have to be gross. It can instead be as sweet as this alien monster burnt-edged bug thing.

What a cute little creepy crawly critter.

This cute creepy crawly critter features metallic gold paint mingled with black polka dots and edging for contrast. His edges were cut with an electric welder, giving him a ragtag, rugged look perfect for imagining him scampering about your yard or living room.

Mr. Creepy Crawly makes a perfect addition to any children’s room, especially if you hang him on the ceiling directly above their beds.

This guy measures approx. 15 in. long from tail tip to neck, 19 wide from bent leg to bent leg and stands about 10 high at his highest point.

Bendable metal legs make it easy for you to place him on a fence, atop your mantle or creeping up a tree.

Buy now on Etsy.