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BONY YOGA (take two): Second edition out now

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Whether you are new to yoga or have been enjoying a regular practice for years, the illustrated yoga guide of BONY YOGA brings yoga a delightful new twist (pun intended). The guide outlines real postures but expands on them by pointing out their practical uses in daily life, with cartoon skeletons as your personal yoga guides. Whee!

Why I Created It

Inspiration for the skeletons in Bony Yoga came when I was trying, unsuccessfully, to draw a cartoon gal in a yoga pose. I was having a tough time getting the positioning right, too distracted by her super-cute yoga outfit and all that skin.

Since I’ve always been a fan of skulls, skeletons and other creepy things, it was second nature to switch over to using skeletons as models for the poses. It was suddenly much easier to draw the poses properly. It was also a heck of a lot more fun.

The practical uses for various yoga postures came from daily life. The big inspiration came when I was doing a headstand in my Brooklyn apartment and saw all the dust bunnies and other jazz under the couch. The proverbial light went on at that moment, and I knew yoga had suddenly become not only a physical, mental and spiritual practice, but one that could enhance daily activities on a regular basis.

And yes, I vacuumed out the dust bunnies.

10 Reasons You Want It

  • Takes the creepiness out of dead things, showing that skeletons are people, too
  • More affordable than yet another super-cute yoga outfit (and almost as adorable!)
  • Deepens your yoga practice by applying poses to everyday situations
  • Gets you to vacuum under your couch
  • Helps you balance while standing on treacherous subways and buses
  • Gives you something do to waiting in lines
  • Excellent teaching guide; used in children’s art classes for fun drawing activities near Halloween
  • Great conversation piece during that awkward time just before yoga class when it feels like everyone is staring at and judging you
  • Awesome gift for anyone who loves yoga, fitness, skeletons and skulls
  • Second edition now available with new cover, convenient, take-along size and a must-read bonus poem at the end

More Mentions and Samples

 Where to Buy It

UPDATE April 2017: This one has turned into a toughie to find online or around town. But I still have several copies to sell:

Buy Now from Ryndustries. 

Bony Yoga’s second edition is easily recognizable by the purple cover (first edition is green). It’s available in e-book and print editions from various outlets.

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Ryn Yard Art: Because boring yards are worse than boring people (almost) – 2012 update

Please enjoy the updated Wacky Yard Art photos snapped in my Tucson backyard in August 2012. It was time to update the previous pix, which are missing a lot of the growth.

Want some Rynart for your own backyard?

Shop on the Ryndustries website!

Shop at Ryndustries on Etsy!

Email for custom orders:

P.S. I once hallucinated all my art came alive and began to attack me. (Don’t worry, it won’t happen to you as long as you get enough sleep.)

Have a nice day!

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Open letter to Phoenix airport parking facility that left me with missing cash and cigarette burn in seat

FastTrack Airport Parking aka
Parking Company Of America
3622 E. Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Phone: (602) 267-8780

RE: Theft and Vehicle Damage after Using Your E. Washington St. Phoenix Facility

Dear FastTrack Parking Facility:

I am disappointed, disturbed and incredibly disgusted by the service received from your airport parking facility in Phoenix. I had parked my 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix at your FastTrack lot, at 3622 E. Washington Street, on Friday, Dec. 23, and removed my car Monday, Dec. 26.

Although I had made an online reservation in advance, complete with a confirmation emailed to me, I was advised upon arrival there were no open parking spaces and my car would have to be double-parked and I would have to leave my keys.

“Are you OK with that?” the attendant asked. Since I had enough time to make my flight but not enough time to hunt for another parking facility – which is why I made advance reservations, mind you – I had no choice but to acquiesce.

My decision proved detrimental since I later found $60 worth of damage and $30 worth of cash missing from my vehicle.

The discovery was made Jan. 2 when I finally had a moment to wash and clean out my vehicle after my trip.

The theft and damage I discovered included the following:

  • Plastic bag containing $30 worth of quarters STOLEN from glove compartment
  • Cigarette butt in back seat ashtray, an ashtray that was never used since car was purchased in 1999
  • GIANT cigarette burn in back seat cover, faux fur grey leopard print @ $60
  • Disgusting stain on white area of faux fur grey leopard print seat covers in back seat, leading me to believe someone had messy sex and equally messy cigarette after sex.

The only passengers who ever use my back seat are my two dogs. They had given up smoking years ago and are either spayed or neutered. Therefore, the damage and cigarette butt were obviously left by humans while my car was parked at your facility.

I will admit it was stupid to leave $30 worth of quarters in my car. However, had I known my reservation was a farce and I was instead forced to leave my keys with your facility, I would have removed all valuables from my vehicle to deter sticky fingers.

Copies of this letter are being sent to the Better Business Bureau and posted on my blog in the hopes of deterring others from using your facility unless you clear up the matter in a timely and reasonable fashion.

Thanks for nothing but grief.


Ryn Gargulinski
Journalist, blogger and dissatisfied FastTrack customer

I have a photo of the cigarette burn, which almost looks as if someone purposely put out the cigarette on the seat cover. I can also supply a photo of my vehicle so the perpetrator can remember which car was targeted. The car is hard to miss, with black and white decals on a grey body.