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Ryn Yard Art: Because boring yards are worse than boring people (almost) – 2012 update

Please enjoy the updated Wacky Yard Art photos snapped in my Tucson backyard in August 2012. It was time to update the previous pix, which are missing a lot of the growth.

Want some Rynart for your own backyard?

Shop on the Ryndustries website!

Shop at Ryndustries on Etsy!

Email for custom orders:

P.S. I once hallucinated all my art came alive and began to attack me. (Don’t worry, it won’t happen to you as long as you get enough sleep.)

Have a nice day!

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Stanley the Sink: Yard Art Made from Bathroom Sink (for real)

Stanley the Sink doesn’t stink – he’s rub-a-dub clean, cute and ready to grace your yard. Much better than those folks who plaster their yards with a toilet.

Heavy, durable and a cool bluish green, Stanley started as a plain ol’ bathroom sink unwanted at a Tucson yard sale.

He came to the Rynski house and is now the pride of the yard, right

after the Medusa scarecrow, of course.

Stanley is fully weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use, although he’s probably not the best for actual use as a sink. You might knock into his metal eyeballs.

Stanley measures approx. 2.5 feet wide by 2 high by 2 feet deep and is HEAVY. He is a porcelain bathroom sink, after all.

Shipping charges could be discussed, although he’d be better off picked up.

Stanley sans shipping goes for $303. He makes a great barricade for falling fences or an anchor for those wayward trellises.

E-mail for more details or to order Stanley today.

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Kooky Kitty Cat: Upcycled Metal Yard Art

kooky kitty metal yard art
kooky kitty metal yard art
This clever and kooky kitty cat was saved from the depths of the dump and sweetly transformed into a bright, funky piece of yard art.

Fully weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use, Kooky Kitty comes complete with a bright pinkish reddish pink red coat with black accents and slitty funny eyes.

Kooky cat was a single piece of the metal that was lovingly cut with a welder and then folded into a three-dimensional cat that stands about 12-iches tall.

The entire piece measures approx. 12 high by 16 wide by 18 long and includes a silly little tail.

Perfect for cat lovers everywhere or all folks who dig fun stuff their yard.

Check out kooky kitty on Etsy.

Custom ideas welcome if you’d rather a Kooky Kitten or Flea-Bitten Dog. E-mail


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Sam the Magical Wind Machine: Kooky Yard Art

Sam is a Magical Wind Machine, yes – but he neither produces it nor stops it. He instead magically gauges its direction.

If Sam spins westward, the wind is whipping west. If he instead spins eastward, you’ve got yourself an eastward breeze.

Great tool for gauging wind at a glance so you know if you should really wear that wrap-around skirt or add some extra security to your toupee.

Sam is made out of some metal implement vent that usually sits atop roofs, although he has much more fun on a pedestal in the backyard.

Pedestal not included.

Sam the Magical Wind Machine is not for sale unless you really really must have him and make an offer we just cannot refuse.

Want something similar to Sam or another piece created from upcycled debris? E-mail