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RATS INCREDIBLE: Fun rat book now in second edition

Rats Incredible – by Ryn Gargulinski

With phrases like ‘smell a rat’ and ‘I could give a rat’s, um, butt,’ rats get a very bad rap. RATS INCREDIBLE aims to change all that by depicting rats as the intelligent, talented and lovable critters that they really are. This illustrated rat dictionary treats you to a lineup of rat-friendly words that contain the letters ‘rat’ coupled with an equally friendly array of fun rat illustrations. Yes, rats can certainly be fun. Better yet, they can be downright INCREDIBLE!

Why I Created It

Ever since I discovered rats were smarter than gerbils, much kinder than hamsters and less stinky then mice, I had to have them as my small animal of choice. They were especially ideal for the dinky apartment living of NYC when I couldn’t have a dog.

Rats became my passion and, for a spell, my obsession. I began to breed tons of them, took the position as New York Chapter President of the Northeast Rat and Mouse Club and hung their winning ribbons all over the wall.

Sanity eventually returned and I no longer have scores of rats, yet I always try to keep at least one or two as pets. This book is meant to help spread the joy of rats. Here’s hoping folks can shed their preconceived hatred of rats and embrace them as loving, perky pets.

3 Reasons You Want It

  • Great gift for those rat-loving friends who have everything
  • Great gift for animal lovers of all ages, shapes and sizes, even if they prefer those stinky mice
  • Great gift for yourself so you don’t fall prey to that thing called contempt before investigation 

Mentions and Kudos

Blurbs from Amazon reviews

  • “I enjoyed this book easy and quick to read.”
  • “Very cute, for little boys and girls who might like play on word games…very fast read…She’s also the author of ‘Bony Yoga.’[Bony Yoga] Can’t wait! :)”RYNSKI NOTESKI: Hey, I even got one of those smiley faces on the second review!

Media mentions and supporting documents

Where to Get It

The second edition has a bright orange and yellow cover, unlike the first edition’s deep pink cover. I also switched out the illustration, replacing the rat holding a martini glass with a grateful rat jumping for joy. Didn’t want folks to think that rats were a bunch of drunks, after all.

Online and nationwide:

In Tucson:




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BONY YOGA (take two): Second edition out now

bony yoga promo

Whether you are new to yoga or have been enjoying a regular practice for years, the illustrated yoga guide of BONY YOGA brings yoga a delightful new twist (pun intended). The guide outlines real postures but expands on them by pointing out their practical uses in daily life, with cartoon skeletons as your personal yoga guides. Whee!

Why I Created It

Inspiration for the skeletons in Bony Yoga came when I was trying, unsuccessfully, to draw a cartoon gal in a yoga pose. I was having a tough time getting the positioning right, too distracted by her super-cute yoga outfit and all that skin.

Since I’ve always been a fan of skulls, skeletons and other creepy things, it was second nature to switch over to using skeletons as models for the poses. It was suddenly much easier to draw the poses properly. It was also a heck of a lot more fun.

The practical uses for various yoga postures came from daily life. The big inspiration came when I was doing a headstand in my Brooklyn apartment and saw all the dust bunnies and other jazz under the couch. The proverbial light went on at that moment, and I knew yoga had suddenly become not only a physical, mental and spiritual practice, but one that could enhance daily activities on a regular basis.

And yes, I vacuumed out the dust bunnies.

10 Reasons You Want It

  • Takes the creepiness out of dead things, showing that skeletons are people, too
  • More affordable than yet another super-cute yoga outfit (and almost as adorable!)
  • Deepens your yoga practice by applying poses to everyday situations
  • Gets you to vacuum under your couch
  • Helps you balance while standing on treacherous subways and buses
  • Gives you something do to waiting in lines
  • Excellent teaching guide; used in children’s art classes for fun drawing activities near Halloween
  • Great conversation piece during that awkward time just before yoga class when it feels like everyone is staring at and judging you
  • Awesome gift for anyone who loves yoga, fitness, skeletons and skulls
  • Second edition now available with new cover, convenient, take-along size and a must-read bonus poem at the end

More Mentions and Samples

 Where to Buy It

UPDATE April 2017: This one has turned into a toughie to find online or around town. But I still have several copies to sell:

Buy Now from Ryndustries. 

Bony Yoga’s second edition is easily recognizable by the purple cover (first edition is green). It’s available in e-book and print editions from various outlets.

bony yoga
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binge monster – ryn original illustration

binge monster

Stop! and think before you fall prey to this dude and eat that entire chocolate cake. The binge monster is dangerous, leading to sprees of all sorts. Whether it’s eating, shopping, smoking, drinking or repeatedly collapsing your veins with heroin, this guy is often behind it.

Original illustration created by request. Want  you own original art? Contact for pricing and options.

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Personalized Skeleton Caricatures: Cool Custom Gifts for Everyone You Love

cxustom skeleton caricatures
Add a funky bit of eternal charm to your home or office with customized skeleton caricatures, skeleton signs and skeleton cartoons. Caricatures can be of you, your pets, your loved ones – or a fun combination of all of them in a full-fledged skeleton family portrait.

Choose from the boring old posed shots or action shots with the skeleton cartoon performing the person’s favorite activity. Skeletons laughing. Skeletons reading or writing. Skeletons running track. Skeletons riding a bike.

All you need to do is provide a description and/or photo of the person, pets or people you want replicated and any additional details. Background options include white, solid colors or patterns.

Each personalized skeleton caricature order includes a hi-res jpeg delivered to your inbox, suitable for printing at 8 x 10 size – and truly suitable for framing.

You can also have fun setting the image as your desktop or having it printed on canvas, T-shirts and a variety of items of your choice.

Learn more on Etsy.


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Seven Deadly Sins as Told by Rats: Custom Framed Artwork

Grow by leaps and bounds – and avoid repulsive behavior – with a comical yet educational depiction of the seven deadly sins as told by a bunch of rats. Everyone ends up with a favorite rodent after checking out the highly expressive faces engaged in one of the seven deadly sins of Pride, Greed, Lust, Wrath, Gluttony, Envy and Sloth.

Why you need it:
Enhances your spiritual life when the seven deadly are staring you in the face all day, reminding you how not to act. Makes an excellent and unique gift for pals following a spiritual path who are sick of all those frufru, pastel reminder plaques.

How I made it:
Drew the illustrations as separate cartoons a few years back, probably as my way to memorize the deadly sins so I could either best avoid them or amaze people at parties that I had the list down pat. My friend Mary loved the illustrations so much she suggested putting them all together in a long line, framing it up, and hanging it in her house. I have since ordered one for myself and two other folks.

Approx. 38 inches wide by 7 inches high.
Frame is custom-ordered black frosted metal with adjustable wire hanger across the back. Front is sheet of plexiglass covering custom print on high-quality foam core. Black and white with grey tones in the illustrations produce biggest impact for the biggest sins. Nice!

Custom orders always welcome! If you see other illustrations, photos, or artwork around my portfolio you MUST HAVE in a custom frame, shoot me an email and we’ll make sure you get it. To place a custom order or more info, e-mail

This item needs at least 10 days leeway before it leaves Ryndustries home base as I need to order the custom sign and print from a supplier on demand as ordered. Thanks!


MORE INFO and purchasing details.