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Happy Chameleon

What It Is

Happy Chameleon

Pen and ink, acrylic paint on canvas

Why I Created It

This sweet chameleon dude was created as an art therapy project asking us to create art that represented a happy moment in our lives. My thoughts immediately turned to soothing serenity I felt on a yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico, where a bigfat chameleon hung out in the corner of the studio hut watching our yoga sessions.

The interior of the chameleon features small, detailed drawings of my path to happiness throughout life, with birth starting at the guys tail and current state ending at his nose.

Want One?

In addition to making you smile every time you glance at it, your own personal Happy Chameleon can contain a rundown on the happiest moments in your life.

More details at ryndustries Etsy shop.

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daily intention list (inspired by a bug wing)

daily intention list

Setting a daily intention can help you focus and get through the day without the usual headaches and anguish. I’ve been using a daily intention list for some time, picking one each morning that suits my mood, fancy and what I feel like I need.

My old list was on a soggy neon yellow index card clipped to an outdoor candle holder. A bug wing found floating in the backyard bird bath inspired me to create a new daily intention list, complete with the bug wing as the debut petal.

Feel free to use the list and any of its included intentions or, better yet, create your own list – and share it with us when it’s complete!

Need even more inspiration? Check out inspirational things at ryndustries on etsy.

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binge monster – ryn original illustration

binge monster

Stop! and think before you fall prey to this dude and eat that entire chocolate cake. The binge monster is dangerous, leading to sprees of all sorts. Whether it’s eating, shopping, smoking, drinking or repeatedly collapsing your veins with heroin, this guy is often behind it.

Original illustration created by request. Want  you own original art? Contact for pricing and options.

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Non-creepy caricatures: Family, friends, kids or pets


Custom gifts are the best gifts, and a custom portrait from Ryndustries lets you gift a whole group in one fell swoop!

Choose from cartoon people (with flesh) or cartoon skeletons, all depicted with the quirky and fun Rynski twist.

The finished product is a full-color, 8 x 10 JPEG in high-res 600 dpi suitable for framing. Opt for a background with any text, design or color you like.

All you need to do is send photos of the folks or pets you want depicted, outline any color or background choices and give me a week to create so you can enjoy. Rush orders available in a pinch, as are specific activities you’d like your cartoons do be doing, such as running, jumping, climbing a tree, or playing in a band.

Please email for any questions or more info.

Buy now on Etsy.