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Non-creepy caricatures: Family, friends, kids or pets


Custom gifts are the best gifts, and a custom portrait from Ryndustries lets you gift a whole group in one fell swoop!

Choose from cartoon people (with flesh) or cartoon skeletons, all depicted with the quirky and fun Rynski twist.

The finished product is a full-color, 8 x 10 JPEG in high-res 600 dpi suitable for framing. Opt for a background with any text, design or color you like.

All you need to do is send photos of the folks or pets you want depicted, outline any color or background choices and give me a week to create so you can enjoy. Rush orders available in a pinch, as are specific activities you’d like your cartoons do be doing, such as running, jumping, climbing a tree, or playing in a band.

Please email for any questions or more info.

Buy now on Etsy.

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Personalized Skeleton Caricatures: Cool Custom Gifts for Everyone You Love

cxustom skeleton caricatures
Add a funky bit of eternal charm to your home or office with customized skeleton caricatures, skeleton signs and skeleton cartoons. Caricatures can be of you, your pets, your loved ones – or a fun combination of all of them in a full-fledged skeleton family portrait.

Choose from the boring old posed shots or action shots with the skeleton cartoon performing the person’s favorite activity. Skeletons laughing. Skeletons reading or writing. Skeletons running track. Skeletons riding a bike.

All you need to do is provide a description and/or photo of the person, pets or people you want replicated and any additional details. Background options include white, solid colors or patterns.

Each personalized skeleton caricature order includes a hi-res jpeg delivered to your inbox, suitable for printing at 8 x 10 size – and truly suitable for framing.

You can also have fun setting the image as your desktop or having it printed on canvas, T-shirts and a variety of items of your choice.

Learn more on Etsy.


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CHILDREN’S BOOK Series: The Snazzy Jazzy Rat and the Daydreaming Mouse

For illustration rates and details, please e-mail

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Seasons of John and Jane: A Love Story – Book for hire from guy trying to win girlfriend back

Names have been changed to protect privacy, but the idea is a grand one for real. The book chronicled the development, highlights and lowlights of their relationship and how much he loved and missed her.

“John” will keep us posted on the relationship’s progress. If it works out, I get a front row seat at the wedding – whee!

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Funny Bumper Sticker: Don’t be a Jackass on the Road

Sweetly remind your fellow motorists to drive with a courtesy and care.

Comical donkey instructs drivers: “Don’t be a jackass on the road.”

This funky bumper sticker is fun for the whole family – and certainly beats out those ho-hum political statements.

Makes a great gift for fed-up motorists or even bad drivers with a sense of humor.

Available at the Ryndustries shop on

CLICK HERE to order yours.