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Ryn Yard Art: Because boring yards are worse than boring people (almost) – 2012 update

Please enjoy the updated Wacky Yard Art photos snapped in my Tucson backyard in August 2012. It was time to update the previous pix, which are missing a lot of the growth.

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P.S. I once hallucinated all my art came alive and began to attack me. (Don’t worry, it won’t happen to you as long as you get enough sleep.)

Have a nice day!

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Glow 2011: Even the mud glowed at Glow at Triangle L Ranch in Oracle

A weekend drenched in unrelenting rain didn’t put a damper on Glow 2011. All it did was make the mud glow, as evidenced in the orangey pic featuring boot tips in its lower left corner. Enjoy a quick recap of some of the sights shining bright on Saturday night, Sept. 10, 2011, thanks to the hard work and dedication of Triangle L Ranch’s owner – the fabulous Sharon – and the oodles of volunteers who worked for weeks to make the annual weekend event blaze with glory once again.