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Wheel of the Year: Celtic Calendar with Pagan Holidays

wheel of year

Dang Celtic catalog.

As with most folks, I end up on a bazillion mailing lists and receive about 46 pounds of printed catalogs every week. Some I recycle without thinking, but something made me look through the Celtic catalog of goodies.

And now I’m hooked.

While I have yet to actually buy anything from the specific company that sent the catalog, I feel in love with several items — like the crystal ball, a delicious leather carrying pouch, and the Wheel of the Year.

Wheel of the Year Explained

The Wheel of the Year is a calendar that depicts the four Celtic fire festivals/holidays, with the two solstices and equinoxes.

  • Samhain: Oct. 31
  • YULE: Dec. 21, Winter solstice
  • Imbolc: Feb. 1 (or 2)
  • OSTARA: March 21, Spring equinox
  • Beltane: May 1
  • LITHA: June 21, Summer solstice
  • Lughnasad: Aug. 1
  • MABON: Sept. 21, Fall equinox

You can clearly see the link to holidays like Halloween, Easter, May Day and even Groundhog Day, especially if you like Imbolc being on Feb. 2 instead of Feb. 1.

A variety of Wheel of the Year versions are all for sale all over the web, but none had the exact je ne sais quoi for which I was searching. So I made my own.



  • Antique steel wagon wheel found on eBay
  • Sheet metal
  • Wire and glue
  • Paint, paint and more paint: Matte black, hammered black, hammered copper, aluminum and hammered silver, and paint markers in black, white, metallic gold and silver.


Love the style? Check out more rynski artski on Etsy.

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Front Door Signs: Guests Must Be Approved by Dog

Admit it. As diehard animal lovers, our pets pretty much rule our lives – and our household. Let guests know what they’re stepping into from the get-go with a snazzy sign that admits your dear dog (or cat or rabbit) is in charge.

Besides, it makes an awesome way to turn away unwanted visitors without taking the blame. Just tell them “Sorry, man, but my dog says you can’t come in.”

The pictured sign was donated to an Arizona horse rescue auction benefit (yaay!). All new signs made to order. That means you can pick your shape, size, color and exact wording you want on it. Go for the dog shape or pick a cat, rabbit, rat, ferret or whatever other cool pet you have.

More details:

Weather resistant, rust-resistant paint finished off with clear coat.
Wire loop for easy hanging. Multi-tone body hues with whimsical Rynski details.

How I made it:

Metal indoor/outdoor art is created with love and care by first cutting out shape from sheet metal, filing down the edges with a Dremel and pounding out kinks with a flat hammer and anvil combination that the neighbors and my dogs hate.

Want it? Check out size and pricing options on Etsy.

Use Etsy Conversations or email ryngargulinski [!at] to order or for more information or to set up a custom order. You can also select choices from this order form with a note on exactly what you want.

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Custom Guardian Angel Magnets: Happiness, Healing, Love, Serenity

Get a big dose of soothing from these sweet little guardian angel magnets. Opt for an angel designed to bring you happiness, healing, love, serenity – or get it all with the set of four. You can even choose your own text for specialized powers or to include a witty phrase or name.

Angel magnets measure approx. 6 inches by 5 inches wide, constructed out of sheet metal that is carefully hand-cut, hand-painted and adorned with Rynski-esque details. Filed edges for safety. One heavy-duty magnet graces the back of each, not the chintz-ball magnets that slide down your fridge each time you open the door.

All guardian angel magnets are made to order, which means you can go for the same design pictured or choose your own colors, text and any other details that make the angel specifically your own. 

Awesome gift for folks in recovery, those going through hell, or as an adorable boost any time for any reason. 

Order through Etsy, choosing one angel or all four. For customized angels, simply include note on your order form outlining your details of choice and I’ll create according to your specs.

Click here to order

angels angel serenity angel love angel healing angel happiness