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Rynski’s Wacky Yard Art in ACTION!

Check out photos from happy Ryndustries customers displaying wacky yard art and other cool ryn creations in action.

Thanks, folks – so glad I could make ya smile!


Want some rynart of your own?

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Animal Crossing Signs: Quails, Ducks, Horses, Chunky Chickens

Keep your yard and driveway a safe haven for the critters with an adorable yet effective Animal Crossing sign. Signs are made of metal using weather-resistant paint, clear coat and a wire loop for easy hanging.

You can even go not-so-adorable with signs that warn of Cougar Crossing, Bear Crossing or Abominable Snowman Crossing (if that yeti thing happens to live in your area).

Signs can feature the creature, text and colors of your choice.

Prices depend on sizes:
$49 for LG animal crossing sign approx. 18 by 14 inches
$44 for MED animal crossing sign approx. 16 by 12 inches
$39 for SM animal crossing sign approx. 14 by 10 inches

Go even larger for bigger impact!

 Send any questions and requests to or head over to Etsy to order one pronto.

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Dog Signs, Animal Signs in Italian, French, Spanish, Swahili or Any Language

Bilingual Beware of Dog signs? You bet!

The sweet Ryndustries’ Beware of Dog sign finally made its way to Italy! The first bilingual request came from an Italian woman, who ordered a customized “Beware of Dog” sign finely featuring “Attenti al cane” as the text.

Speaking Italian was such an allure that the English-speaking signs here in my Arizona yard are barking, mewling, cawing, cooing and otherwise chomping at the bit to expand their linguistic skills.

Enjoy a custom dog sign, cat sign or any animal choice sporting text in any language of your choice. While we’re particularly partial to French, any language will do – Chinese characters included! Give us the text and we’ll make you the sign.

Signs are made of metal, featured filed edges for safety, wire loop for easy hanging, dazzling, weather-resistant paint and a topper of Clear Coat of extra durability.

Prices depend on sizes:

  • $49 for LG sign approx. 18 by 14 inches
  • $44 for MED sign approx. 16 by 12 inches
  • $39 for SM sign approx. 14 by 10 inches

Please request a custom order for other sizes. Also please specify animal type, color(s) and custom text when ordering. Email for more info or to place order.

You can also head to Etsy to order bilingual animal signs and check out more Ryndustries’ goodies.

Merci bien!