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Would You Wear This Skeleton Shirt?

skeleton tank top shirt

Many artists have the fantasy of blanketing the entire world with their art. And even if they don’t, it’s been one of mine since childhood. The quest to make this fantasy a reality has included drawing Snoopy on the garage wall, being grounded for drawing Snoopy on the garage wall, painting rocks that pepper my backyard garden, and creating loads of colorful signs found in yards and homes from Alabama to Australia.

And now it also includes a few items of clothing, one of which is this fun ‘n’ freaky skeleton shirt. While it took me several weeks to actually wear this shirt after I designed and ordered one for myself, the results were wonderful. And I wanted to make sure others didn’t go through a similar dilemma if they’re wondering if they, too, should wear this shirt or not.

So here come a bunch of reasons why you should or should not wear this shirt. Go through the lists, check off items that apply, and then tally the results for your final answer.

Why You Should Wear This Shirt

  • It features original artwork of a skeleton sporting a Mohawk – the perfect chance to boast a Mohawk without cutting a single strand of your hair.
  • The skeleton grabs attention without needing to swear, break things or otherwise resort to violence. He also appears on the front AND the back!
  • It doesn’t say mean things, like “I’m with stupid.”
  • Unlike many tank tops these days, it doesn’t come with padded inserts or ridiculous cleavage you’d be embarrassed to wear in front of your mother.
  • It pairs keenly with cut-offs or other simple shorts in the summer heat.

Why You Should Not Wear This Shirt

  • You’re heading to a corporate meeting with a strict dress code (when I worked in corporate America 100 years ago, I used to get a dress code memo on my desk at least once a week).
  • Skeletons irk you.
  • You’re already wearing super loud, plaid gauchos or a flowing, flowered skirt, both of which could clash with the Mohawk skeleton.
  • You accidentally left it somewhere your dog could access it and he has since chewed a hole in the middle and used it as a blanket.

Still not sure if you should wear this shirt or not? Give it a whirl and see what happens. Order yours now on Zazzle.

skeleton tank top shirt
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Septic Bucket List: A Bucket List You Don’t Want to Miss

Dating an astronaut. Becoming an astronaut. Learning to speak Swahili. Your bucket list may be packed with all kinds of glorious things you want to do before you die; some tangible, some fantastical and some just for the fun of the thought.

And the thought of certain activities can be much more exciting that actually completing them. Think climbing Mount Everest or breeding lemurs.

That makes the traditional bucket list a bit impractical. The traditional list also has another factor working against it. Although the phrase and concept of a bucket list have been kicking around for years (excuse the pun), the term really roared into regular use after the release of the 2007 movie of the same name.

Subsequent mentions on TV shows that range from “Glee” to “NCIS” further cemented the concept into popular culture. And when anything soars into popular culture, you know what needs to happen next.

It’s time to rebel.

Enter ‘The Septic Bucket List’

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Rynski Charmski: Sterling Silver Little Critters – Animal Charms

Yaay! After a fellow artist said she could envision my little critters dangling from a charm bracelet, the rynski charmski sterling silver jewelry line was born! Would be delighted to create a special charm just for you.

Check out pricing and more info at the Rynski Etsy shop.

Click here to visit Rynski jewelry section.

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Fat Cat Metal Magnet: Never Just Settle

fat cat magnet

Spruce up your fridge or turn your file cabinet into a mini gallery with cool and colorful inspirational magnets! As part of the Rynski Inspirational Artski line, these magnets can turn any dour day into a dour day with at least a giggle.

This hefty cat has the girth and charm needed to remind you that simply settling just won’t cut it. This can count for a crummy job, a crummy relationship or an overall crummy life.

Get inspired to dream and then live your dreams with this guy as a constant reminder that you can do better.

Magnet specs:

Each magnet measures 6 to 8 inches long by 4 to 8 inches wide, depending on the style. Each magnet is made out of sheet metal, includes filed edges for safety’s sake, and has at least two heavy duty magnets glued to the back. The piece is finished off with spray paint, hand-painted lettering a dose of clear coat for protection (that means you can probably slosh a bit of milk on them and it will be OK).

Can easily hold your To Do lists, reminder slips, greeting cards, illustrations or all that other fun stuff you like to stick on your fridge.

Custom options:

Unless otherwise specified, magnets will follow the shape and colors pictured – but you can always go for the shape, colors, size, and quote of your choice.

Want a dog shape with your favorite Churchill quote? A butterfly with that Helen Keller quote about soaring? How about a fish that says “Faith?” Let me know and we can go for it!

Email with any questions or for custom options.

Buy now on Etsy.

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Non-creepy caricatures: Family, friends, kids or pets


Custom gifts are the best gifts, and a custom portrait from Ryndustries lets you gift a whole group in one fell swoop!

Choose from cartoon people (with flesh) or cartoon skeletons, all depicted with the quirky and fun Rynski twist.

The finished product is a full-color, 8 x 10 JPEG in high-res 600 dpi suitable for framing. Opt for a background with any text, design or color you like.

All you need to do is send photos of the folks or pets you want depicted, outline any color or background choices and give me a week to create so you can enjoy. Rush orders available in a pinch, as are specific activities you’d like your cartoons do be doing, such as running, jumping, climbing a tree, or playing in a band.

Please email for any questions or more info.

Buy now on Etsy.