Septic Bucket List: A Bucket List You Don’t Want to Miss

Dating an astronaut. Becoming an astronaut. Learning to speak Swahili. Your bucket list may be packed with all kinds of glorious things you want to do before you die; some tangible, some fantastical and some just for the fun of the thought. And the thought of certain activities can be much more exciting that actually completing them. Think climbing Mount Everest or breeding lemurs. That makes the traditional bucket list a bit impractical. The traditional list also has another factor working against it. Although the phrase and concept of a bucket list have been kicking around for years (excuse the…


Rynski Charmski: Sterling Silver Little Critters – Animal Charms

rynski charmski: sterling silver dog charms, cat charms and random other animals and shapes

fat cat magnet

Fat Cat Metal Magnet: Never Just Settle

Spruce up your fridge or turn your file cabinet into a mini gallery with cool and colorful inspirational magnets! As part of the Rynski Inspirational Artski line, these magnets can turn any dour day into a dour day with at least a giggle. This hefty cat has the girth and charm needed to remind you that simply settling just won’t cut it. This can count for a crummy job, a crummy relationship or an overall crummy life. Get inspired to dream and then live your dreams with this guy as a constant reminder that you can do better. Magnet specs:…