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Click here if you are sick of regular radio – Update with playlist

Random – and often strange – music with a bit of less random – yet often strange – talk is what you’ll get with Rynski’s Shattered Reality Internet radio show at

Random photo to match random music/Art and pic Ryn Gargulinski
Random photo to match random music/Art and pic Ryn Gargulinski is an online radio alternative for listeners sick of stations that play one song followed by 500 commercials. We play two songs and then 500 commercials – please note I’m kidding. No commercials.

It is also the place to check out different personalities, known as party mixologists, and musical tastes from around the world.

Mixologists range from yours truly Rynski in Tucson to Life in Mono in Germany, from Pied Piper in Texas to Lady Bass in Canada. Others hail from Italy, Alaska, Delaware, Colorado, England and New Jersey.

Click here for full list of party mixologists.

Click here for station schedule.

Administrator Scott McWilliams, who divides his time between Miami and Chicago, is also known as Party Mixologist Eyetricks and the mastermind behind the station.

Rynski’s Shattered Reality debuts its second season Wednesday, June 16 (today!) and every Wednesday thereafter. Showtime is noon in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST.

What: Rynski’s Shattered Reality Internet radio show
When: Every Wednesday for one hour
Time: Noon in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST

Click and take a listen LIVE – or, if you missed the time slot, check out the recording to be posted after the fact


The June 16 debut of Rynski’s Shattered Reality was largely marred by a fuzzy microphone, so I will not be posting its recording.

But please get ready for smoother sailing – and a brand new mic – for next week’s show on Wednesday, June 23.

As per e-mailed request, I am providing the playlist from this week’s show.

Playlist for June 16 Rynski’s Shattered Reality:

Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble – Cold Shot

The Doors – Not to Touch the Earth
Pink Martini – The Gardens of Sampson and Beasley
New Monsoon – Copper Mine

Primus – Kalamazoo
Alanis Morisette – So Unsexy
The Majic Dragon – The Worm

Beatles – Dear Prudence
Violent Femmes – Please Do Not Go
Willie Nile – Lonesome Dark-Eyed Beauty

Alice in Chains – Dirt
Young Marble Giants – Searching for Mr. Right
Thievery Corporation – The Mirror Conspiracy

Next week’s hopefuls include music by Renaissance for Radmax, Eric Heithaus’s band Ancient Astronauts, a song relating to Arkansas for Ferrari Bubba and, for Leftfield, one version or another of Kumbaya.

Feel free to leave comments below for possible inclusion in the broadcast. Also feel free to request songs, which I will try to fulfill for the following week.

Also welcome music from local bands or others with obscure or interesting music. E-mail MP3 of song(s), requests or comments to

logoWhat do you think?

What’s your favorite Tucson radio station?

What are some cool stations in other cities?

Do you ever listen to the radio?


What do you think?

0 thoughts on “Click here if you are sick of regular radio – Update with playlist

  1. 103.1 Florence, Az. No commercials and the rumour is it’s owned by a really rich guy or it’s the Florence Prison Station cause sometimes it’s just static. But to hear it you have to go West over the Tucson Mountains, Good ole rock n roll. But you Ryn, your voice is so nice to hear. “way walrus” itc

  2. dear way walrus,
    thanks! just kicked off show with crummy mic – but better one next week.
    florence prison station sounds fun – do they play a lot of johnny cash?

  3. Hey Rynski: Tuning in now! I’ve got a great idea for spicing up your show that will be a sure-fire hit.  How about a 5-minute segment entitled ‘A Layman’s Guide to Collectable Spoons of the Third Reich?’ I think it will be a ‘can’t miss!’
    Good luck & break a leg, Yer pal, Ferrari Bubba

    1. hahahha! thanks, ferraribubba!
      your idea is grand – but i am only well versed in collectible forks – dang – and it was such a GOOD idea!
      thanks for listening – i’ll try to find some arkansas-type music for you.

  4. Hiya Ryn,
    Only got to listen to a few minutes of your show catching the story about teeth and legs and etc.
    Very cool to hear your voice on the air!
    ‘septums opportunities’ (which sounds vaguely disgusting)

    1. dear septums opportunities (that IS a disgusting, yet somewhat compelling captcha – hahah),
      thanks for the listen in – so cool to know you heard part of the somewhat disgusting, yet somewhat compelling, teeth and legs story – hahah.

  5. Hi Rynski! Just caught the end of the Shattered Reality extravaganza…but what I heard was cool, no commercials? I’m swooning. 😉
    Your mike did sound a bit funky, a little garbled at times…but you rock Rynski! How the hell did you dig up all that obscure music?
    I’m gonna request a little ditty by Renaissance next show, to keep you on your toes. 🙂
    Refreshing to here someone who doesn’t sound like they are getting paid by the word,(KLPX and 107.5)…there is a finite number of times you can go ‘downtown’…lookin’ for some tush. 😉
    PS- who the heck is ‘Beezel’? 🙂

    1. hey radmax –
      glad you caught part of the show – thanks. and thanks for compliment!
      yeah, that mic has GOT to go – after i listened to recording i decided i’m not going to post it as it did come out too garbly-gooky. yuck.
      i’ll post next week’s recording after i get a better microphone.
      as for the obscure music, i am not at liberty to divulge my sources – hahaha.
      hmmm…renaissance, eh? i’ll find a way to find it….thanks for request!
      and no – i promise to never play ‘tush.’
      p.s. beezel is a secret mystery fan….who may or may not have chambers of very strange and obscure music…beezel is good.

  6. Very cool and I’m sorry I missed it!!
    Can’t wait to check you out on there. Been soooo busy, but have some interesting stuff to report on with you soon, Ryn.

    1. thanks, azmouse – you can always tune in every wednesday from here on out, if you get a moment.
      i was WONDERING what you’ve been up to – can’t wait to hear the update on your interesting stuff – cool!

      1. Thanks Ryn. Nothing to spectacular but exciting to me!

    2. misses  the mouse *SNIFF*
      ‘ruddiman zbignew’ is the captcha . . .

      1. Hey Andrew! Lots going on around here….miss you back.

  7. I’m sure some of my fans would be disappointed if I didn’t request “The Internationale” and “Kumbaya”.

    1. hahahha! you got it – i’ll look for either/or for you, leftfield!

  8. sorry i missed it too- may your leg heal soon, because I know you broke it

    1. Oh my gosh, Ryn broke her leg!??! What happened?

      1. aww, don’t fret – it was ‘break a leg’ figuratively, like ‘break a leg’ as in good luck with performance. not sure of the origin of that term, but it does bring pain to mind….
        if i literally broke my leg, i would not be hahahhahaha-ing, that’s for sure.

        1. WHEW!!!
          Thanks for clearing that up!

    2. awww, thanks eric! tune in next week and i’ll forgive you – hahahahah.
      hey – i should play some ancient astronauts, no? thanks for the CD!

  9. It would be an honor 2b on your show-

    1. you got it! (see update above) – thanks! my honor to play!

  10. My waycool radio list

    *     KXCI 91.3:  Tucson:  free form community radio.  Rock, blues, folk, local,  jazz, alt, world, r&B, bluegrass, jazz, punk, metal, et al
    *     Radio Free Phoenix:  free form underground rock internet radio in the vein of  1960’s/1970’s KWFM.  Some of their DJ’s are from the golden age of KDKB, which was KWFM’s Phoenix counterpart.  Their studios are in Globe!
    *     KCDX 103.1:  Florence, broadcasts from Globe! (see first post by Andrew):  free form underground rock oldies, 60’s-1990.  Fully automated, no DJs, no commercials.  Run out of pocket by Ted Tucker, who runs several other for profit radio stations in Arizona.  
    *     KPIG 107.5:  Santa Cruz, Ca:  free form underground rock, blues, folk, country.  Rose up out of the ashes of Gilroy’s KPIG (high cholesterol country).  Legendary Tucson late 60’s/ early 70’s country rock bands The Dusty Chaps, Chuck Wagon and the Wheels, Bob Meighan Band and The Frank and Woody Show, were all staples on KPIG.

    All of the above stations web stream.        

    1. thanks, koreyk, that is an amazing array of music!
      i, too, am a huge fan of kxci – it’s always good for a very interesting mix of EVERYthing.
      i MUST check out this florence station – and the santa  cruz  one sounds good, too. chuck wagon and the wheels! i remember hearing part of an interview with a band member who was talking about how they sold the name for like 10 cents (hahaha).

  11. I like the playlist, Ryn; at least the songs I recognize.  Maybe a little Flaming Lips would be good to hear; perhaps Vaseline. 

    1. thanks, lefty!
      i figure playlists can never go wrong if they include the good ole violent femmes – hahahha.
      i will also add flaming lips and vaseline to the music i’m seeking for next week – never heard of either but they do sound quite interesting…they also sound raunchy, which further piques interest – hahhahah – thanks for continued input!
      p.s. i hope joan baez or some folksy group has an easily available version of kumbaya (i found one my some men’s chorus and it nearly made me puke – hahahahhah).

      1. Yes, Ryn, I’m a long-time and very big fan of the Violent Femmes.  They have played in Tucson at least a couple of times; definitely worth seeing for the fan. 

        1. wonderful – i never saw them in concert – but one of my bosses in brooklyn was married to sister of one of the members – so it kind of felt like i knew them – hahahhahahaha.

      2. You can never go wrong with the Vilent Femmes!

        1. er…Violent

  12. Ryn…Louisiana native here.  Would love to hear some Cowboy Mouth as a tribute to the people who are struggling with the oil spill.  CM is from New Orleans, and have the best live show anywhere.  Songs to consider:  Voodoo Shoppe, Joe Strummer, Hurricane Party, Take Me Back To New Orleans, Louisiana Lowdown, or I Believe.  Any of those should work for ya.

    Oh, and I’ll let you know if they ever come to AZ…their show is a huge party.

    1. thanks for request, james – LOVE the name cowboy mouth – will definitely take a look for one (or more) of suggested songs. great tribute, too. and YES – please do let me know if cm comes to tucson.
      i want a cm t-shirt, for sure.

    2. Cowboy Mouth just played The Rialto in January.

      Speaking of cowby body parts:
      Cowboy Lips  by The Bobs

      1. aawwww, i missed cowboy mouth this time around!
        hope they come back soon. hope cowboy lips will be enough to tide me over until then – hahahha.
        did you see them? do you have an extra t-shirt? haha

      2. p.s. just checked out the bobs’ cowboy lips – nice!!! – nice song – video is creepy with that gal ‘singing’  -ha! thanks!

  13. Don’t really have an artist suggestion, plenty of good ones here already!
    Would like to suggest Tucson get an FM station that plays rock music. Not just alternative stuff, and not just moldy top-40 classic rock either. Real rock radio, like Kshe-95 in St.Louis.  Or, more like what’s on XM/Sirius.
    And, whats with KFMA stating “we play new rock” and then a 20 year old song comes on?

    1. ahhahhaha! i LOVE that idea, john kennedy – and was laughing at your description of ‘moldy’ top-40 classic.
      also hear you on the ‘we play new rock.’ maybe it WAS new rock for a baby boomer? or, on the other end of the spectrum, maybe it’s new for someone so young they never heard lynyrd skynyrd’s freebird 5,973 times before?

  14. Thanks for the post about Party 934, and I’m glad you’re back on the air!  Rock on! 🙂

    1. thank you, scott! for making party 934 possible – and i’m thrilled to be back!

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