Get Gargulinski-ed!

Custom portraits of family, friends, kids or pets

Custom gifts are the best gifts, and a custom portrait from Ryndustries lets you gift a whole group in one fell swoop!

Choose from cartoon people (with flesh) or cartoon skeletons, all depicted with the quirky and fun Rynski twist.

The finished product is a full-color, 8 x 10 JPEG in high-res 600 dpi suitable for framing. Opt for a background with any text, design or color you like.

Choose a single person or pet for $40, or go for up to a group of eight for $60.

All you need to do is send photos of the folks or pets you want depicted, outline any color or background choices and give me a week to create so you can enjoy. Rush orders available in a pinch, as are specific activities you’d like your cartoons do be doing, such as running, jumping, drinking beer! or playing in a band.

Please email for any questions or more info. Buy one now! with the button below.

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