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  1. Well, I already like this guy because of his view of the great city of Tucson. I love it here myself and can’t imagine living any where else.

    I also like 2012 theories.

    • yaay! another graham brown fan. i like him because he had very witty responses to my random-ey questions. also admire his drive.
      since i believe the apocalypse already happened – and we just have not let it yet sink in,  i’m not sure we’ll get another one in 2012.
      we can only hope….hahahhaha! (kidding!)

  2. I like the theme, or am I being delusional?

    Many moons ago, there used to be many survivalists living around TOP.  They would discuss things like manuals telling how to blow up bridges etc.  I would ask them if they are that certain that this will happen, why are you living where the water table is thousands of feet deep?  Also, is it wise to blow up bridges if you are going to be apocalypized back to the 17th century, with no way to rebuild that stuff?

    Count me out, as I want to escape into escapism.   

    • hahhahah! thanks for laugh, alan in kent wa.
      i, too, wonder about the sense of blowing things up that would take some time to rebuild. but heck, if the pyramids could be built without all kinds of fancy schmance ‘modern’ machinery, maybe the bridges would come out better without it, too? hahahah.
      i, too, am a fan of escapism – meditation is a good form of escape that is both healthy and legal! hahahahha
      ….and no, you’re not being delusional at all!

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