Meet Rynski

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Meet Rynski

Ask Ryn Gargulinski what she does for a living, and you’ll get a pretty long answer. That’s because she’s a successful writer, artist, coach, workshop leader, speaker, Reiki Master — and Gemini.

“The Gemini thing explains the varied interests,” Ryn says. “And my strong drive, positive attitude and spiritual connection explain the success.”

Ryn initially founded Ryndustries as a way to share her passion and talent for writing and art with the world. The business has since grown to include creativity coaching, Reiki, workshops and writing consulting for others who want bring their work alive to optimum success. Join her!

If you’re looking for writing, art, coaching, workshops, speakers or Reiki with a creative spark — you’ll find it right here at Ryndustries.

P.S. Specific programs designed for women entrepreneurs looking to tap into the flow of clients, income and unlimited success. Contact Ryn:

Done with mediocrity? Then contact Ryn today.

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