Mr. Creepy Crawly Metal Art: A Mangled Bug after Your Own Heart

Creepy and crawly does not have to be gross. It can instead be as sweet as this alien monster burnt-edged bug thing.

What a cute little creepy crawly critter.

This cute creepy crawly critter features metallic gold paint mingled with black polka dots and edging for contrast. His edges were cut with an electric welder, giving him a ragtag, rugged look perfect for imagining him scampering about your yard or living room.

Mr. Creepy Crawly makes a perfect addition to any children’s room, especially if you hang him on the ceiling directly above their beds.

This guy measures approx. 15 in. long from tail tip to neck, 19 wide from bent leg to bent leg and stands about 10 high at his highest point.

Bendable metal legs make it easy for you to place him on a fence, atop your mantle or creeping up a tree.

Fully weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. May contain some sharp edges please don’t put him in your child’s mouth.

Mr. Creepy Crawly is handsomely priced at $66, plus $15 shipping and handling in the U.S.

Too creepy for you? Custom orders always welcome. E-mail


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