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Mr. Creepy Crawly Bug Thing: Metal Art after Your Own Heart

creepy crawly bug art
creepy crawly bug art

Creepy and crawly does not have to be gross. It can instead be as sweet as this alien monster burnt-edged bug thing.

What a cute little creepy crawly critter.

This cute creepy crawly critter features metallic gold paint mingled with black polka dots and edging for contrast. His edges were cut with an electric welder, giving him a ragtag, rugged look perfect for imagining him scampering about your yard or living room.

Mr. Creepy Crawly makes a perfect addition to any children’s room, especially if you hang him on the ceiling directly above their beds.

This guy measures approx. 15 in. long from tail tip to neck, 19 wide from bent leg to bent leg and stands about 10 high at his highest point.

Bendable metal legs make it easy for you to place him on a fence, atop your mantle or creeping up a tree.

Buy now on Etsy.

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Lucky Mutant Heads: Creepy Dismemebered Heads Bring Luck and Fortune

Dismembered heads take on a whole new meaning when they’re jazzed up in a rainbow of colors and upcycled materials.

Meet the Lucky Mutant Heads, each one crafted with paint, glue and love in a striking design and hue.

These guys are great in dark corners, bedrooms or anywhere else you need a splash of creepiness and kookiness around the home.

Orange: Bright and cheery orange head features fantastic flower outlines, some equally cheery aqua skulls and a dash of passionate purple.

The retro orange Lucky Mutant Head gives a nod back the flower power and gaudy color combination so hip in the 1960s. Orange is noted for bringing enthusiasm, success and creativity.

Yellow: Bright  yellowish green Lucky Mutant Head is perfect for folks who dig bumble bees, safety vests and that bad clothing fad of the 1980s.

The blinding neon base coat contrasts finely with the black and red highlights, with a giant circular eye made out of some rubber thing I found in a ditch. The other eye is a sparkly red bauble.

While this guy may appear menacing, he’s really harmless and makes a great addition to your sunroom, breakfast nook or other area that needs a mad splash of color.

Green: Green mummy monsters are all the rage – somewhere, maybe. If not, be the first to start the trend with this gory and ghoulish mummy Lucky Mutant Head.

This creepy chap harks back to the kooky creatures in really bad 1930s’ horror flicks.

Even if he doesn’t bring you luck, this guy is wholly guaranteed to spook the heck out of anyone who catches a glimpse of the metallic sheen and under-layer of mummy bandages. Eyes fashioned from used sander Dremel attachments, mouth features jagged sheet metal teeth.

Blue: Fashioned after some type of alien, this gorgeous cobalt dismembered head features geometric patterns and creatures as well as striking blue marble eyes. Eyes glowingly reflect light for added effect.

Lucky Mutant Head in blue imbues depth, confidence, loyalty, wisdom and faith. It’s also the color of heaven.

Violet: The Purple People Eater Lucky Mutant Head features an ocean theme, complete with a big fuchsia fish he wears as a skull cap.

This guy has light blue marble eyes and makes the ultimate gift for fans of sea life or your favorite marine biologist.

Newsprint: Showcase a conversation piece full of the news of the day with this fine newsprint dismembered head. Inspired by headlines, ads and other printed matter from the funky Tucson Weekly newspaper, this collage on a head works great in offices, study areas or cozy breakfast nooks.

Newsprint lips round out the mouth while beady little red glass baubles serve as piercing eyes.

Gorgeous gift for college student, news hounds or your favorite editor or reporter.

Lucky mutant heads all begin as plain white Styrofoam heads I stumbled across in a bin at a local Tucson Savers.

Each heads measures approx. 11 inches high x 7 inches wide x 9 inches deep with 5-inch base.

Lucky Mutant Heads are not the only good luck charms in the shop. Check out RYNdustries Lucky Voodoo Dolls or Lucky Hairball. Custom orders also welcome. E-mail


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Mutant Skeletal Bat Art: Creepy Cicero Metal Yard Art

If you’re not sure what this mutant thing is, you’re not alone. You’re also not alone if you simply adore him.

This mutant thing, which is named Cicero and kind of looks like a skeletal bat, is a funky addition to any home, yard, bedroom or garage door.

You can even put Cicero on your front door to welcome guests in his flashy way. Upcycled metal makes him as eco-friendly as he is gorgeous.

Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use, approx. 20 high x 21 wide.

Wire loop for easy hanging. Guaranteed to make a striking statement wherever he may hang. Please note: Cicero has semi-sharp edges not suited for use near pets or teething children.

Too big? Too small? Too creepy or tame? Custom order your own skeletal bat, mutant or other animal in the colors of your choice. E-mail

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Lucky Voodoo Doll: Gretel

No black magic here with these incredibly friendly Lucky Voodoo Dolls.

Meet Gretel. She brings peace, harmony and wisdom to any home. She’ll may even teach you how to outwit a witch in the woods.

Each doll is handcrafted with love, luck and a host of fun finds, making each as unique as yourself.

Dolls stand about 12-inches tall with natural stick or chopstick bodies and clay heads.

Best sellers have been cop dolls, bride and groom and Virtue Voodoo Dolls that bring a good trait your way.

Voodoo Dolls go for $65, plus $15 shipping. Order a reproduction of Gretel or customize the doll to match your friend, family member or even yourself!

E-mail for info or to include details you want on your doll.

Also keep our wedding lucky voodoo dolls and our JUMBO Lucky Voodoo Dolls in mind.

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Elephant poop makes money in Topeka – Could Tucson follow suit with coyote and javelina waste?

Scooping up elephant dung – or any poop – may not be the most glamorous job. Unless you happen to have some kind of fetish.

This baby's a money making machine/Ryn Gargulinski

But it can be an endeavor that leads to piles of money if we take a lesson from the Topeka Zoo.

This Kansas animal haven has started a project called My Pet Poo, which turns pachyderm poop into festive little dolls, geegaws and other brightly-painted gift items.

Some come affixed with beads and baubles while all of them come with a certificate of authenticity to insure what you’re getting is the real scoop.

Don’t worry – the poopy little gifts won’t leave nasty rings on your tables or shelving units. The elephant dung is first dried out for about 10 days then coated with an airtight acrylic paint, carefully layered on the poop by dedicated zoo volunteers, AOL News notes.

While volunteers paint the poo, they seemed to have drawn the line at molding the feces as one would mold Play Doh or clay. All figures are left in their natural state, usually roundish or dome-shaped.

A final layer of shellac tops off the process to insure the knickknack doesn’t crumble apart or stink.

These gorgeous gifties sell from $10 to $25 each at the zoo’s Leopard Spot Gift Shop or $35 online with shipping thrown in. Custom orders are welcome.

We bet these fine treasures are selling like hotcakes, or at least meadow muffins.

Wish someone would have mentioned this idea when I had a New Mexico yard full of five goats.

Since Tucson and so many other cities are in such dire budget straits, perhaps the same type of waste-to-riches theory could work in a variety of areas around the nation.

Fast cash for javelina scat?/File photo Tucson Citizen

The Topeka Zoo already debuted the elephant waste, so it would be best if each region had its own unique take on the recycled money machines.

Tucson’s coyote and javelina scat would be quite fetching as artwork, although the former is often littered with small bone chunks and the latter could be tough – or downright dangerous – to collect.

Javelinas have a bad reputation ever since a cornered one went after a Dutch tourist at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, ripping open the man’s arm, leg and causing permanent numbness, nerve and muscle damage.

Maybe we’ll stick to the coyotes.

New Mexico could have a heyday with the goats, as long as the artisans tend toward art that works well with pellet shapes. And imagine the very large possibilities from those grizzly bears in Colorado.

Turning dog doo into art could work anywhere. It would also give some dog owners the boost they need to properly clean up after their pets and instantly provide all those pooper scooper services with an automatic dual income.

Who’d a thunk a hunk of elephant dung in Topeka could spark such a grand idea – and maybe even a way to get the American economy out of the toilet once and for all.


Ryn Gargulinski is a poet, artist, performer and Ryngmaster who has made art out of fur and garbage, but never out of dryer lint or poo. Her column appears every Friday on Rynski’s Blogski. Her art, writing and more is at and E-mail

What do you think?

Is the My Pet Poo hilarious or disgusting – or both?

Did you ever have a pet rock?

What other strange things have you seen made into art or done with poo?