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Rynski’s Wacky Yard Art in ACTION!

Check out photos from happy Ryndustries customers displaying wacky yard art and other cool ryn creations in action.

Thanks, folks – so glad I could make ya smile!


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Sammy the Saw: Upcycled Cutting Tool

You “saw” it here first: sweet yet monstrous decor made from reclaimed handsaw.

The saw was hand selected from a yard sale of a guy who also sold me a pair of Vietnamese dolls and old telephone. But Sammy’s where it’s at.

Blades form Sammy’s spectacular teeth while his handle serves as the hair.

Large, luminous eyeball coupled with snazzy design rounds out Sammy’s face. Weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. Awesome addition to office or yard decor, works well in small, thin spaces above doorways or windows.

Approx. 30 inches wide by 6 inches high.

Note: Sammy’s name was formerly “Sissy” but it occurred to me no man in their right mind is going to buy a saw named “Sissy.” Now guys are safe to buy this fantastic tool.

Fantastic Sammy goes for $125, plus $15 shipping and handling in U.S.

Great gift for that handyman – or woman – in your life.

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Mendy the Recycled Mailbox: Upcycled Mailbox Smashed by Bad Driver

Mendy came to life when a really bad driver didn’t look where he was backing up and ran right over a neighbor’s mailbox.

Although he cannot be used as a functional mailbox – his door is all bent – Mendy the Mailbox can bring a blast of color, fun and laughter to any home or yard.

Great for creative storage in office or den, equally as functional on front porch or kitchen book shelves.

Bright red mouth and stark white teeth contrast with dazzling blue background and black bones.

Fully weatherproof, Mendy measures approx. 19 inches long x 10 inches high x 6 inches wide.

Mendy goes for $99, plus $20 shipping and handling in U.S.

Like funky yard art? Check out other selections on RYNdustries. Want something upcycled? E-mail details to

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Petie Pig Upcycled Metal Debris Art with 3-D Rubber Snout

Petie is one perfectly perky pig, complete with rubberized nose and metal body, created out of a metal plate usually used to ventilate a house.

Petie’s popping pink color and protruding, 3-D snout make him a cute and whimsical addition to any home or yard. He works especially well near the barbecue or in the kitchen. His rugged rubber nose and thick metal give him a macho air.

Pleasant porker measures approx. 12 high x 9 wide.

Fully weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. Finished metal and bent edges for safety and a wire loop for easy hanging. Petie looks positively peachy on a palm or other tree type.

Petie goes for $44, plus $9 shipping and handling in U.S.

Check out more animal art, including Petie’s evil pig cousin, around the RYNdustries shop.

Custom orders always welcome. E-mail with questions or specifics.