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Freida the Cat Dog Pig: Funky Metal Yard Art with 3-D Mouth

We’re not sure what Freida is, but we know she would be a smashing addition to any home or yard.

Three-dimensional mouth looks ready to share a smile or rip off your fingers.

As an upcycled piece of building material, Freida’s fate could have easily been an air duct rather than the glorious creature she instead became. Love her. Honor her. Buy her already.

Indoor or outdoor use, weatherproof metal and paint. Filed edges for safety’s sake; wire loop for easy hanging.

Approx. 12 wide x 16 high. Make Freida into an amazing frame by sticking a photo or mirror in the middle of her mouth.

Freida is finely affordable at $39, plus $15 shipping and handling in the U.S.

Rather have a pig dog cat? Custom orders enjoyed. E-mail

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Bright Pink Beluga Pig: Metal Home or Yard Art

This little piggie, named Beluga, is the perfect piece to show off your love of swine or jazz up a room or yard with a flash of fun color.

Bright pink base compliments wide eyes and gorgeously shaped row of teeth.

Approx 12 high x 12 wide, Beluga will delight any yard, garden or kitschy kitchen.

Weatherproof paint and metal with filed edges for safety’s sake. Wire loop for easy hanging.

A face only a mother could love.

Beluga is reasonably priced at $37, plus $9 shipping and handling in U.S.

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Petie Pig Upcycled Metal Debris Art with 3-D Rubber Snout

Petie is one perfectly perky pig, complete with rubberized nose and metal body, created out of a metal plate usually used to ventilate a house.

Petie’s popping pink color and protruding, 3-D snout make him a cute and whimsical addition to any home or yard. He works especially well near the barbecue or in the kitchen. His rugged rubber nose and thick metal give him a macho air.

Pleasant porker measures approx. 12 high x 9 wide.

Fully weatherproof for indoor or outdoor use. Finished metal and bent edges for safety and a wire loop for easy hanging. Petie looks positively peachy on a palm or other tree type.

Petie goes for $44, plus $9 shipping and handling in U.S.

Check out more animal art, including Petie’s evil pig cousin, around the RYNdustries shop.

Custom orders always welcome. E-mail with questions or specifics.