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new york city photos: beautiful brooklyn 2013

photos by ryn gargulinski, 2013

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Knock, Knock … Who’s there? Yet another person who wants to sell you something

get lost sign

The next time you hear a knock at your door, it might be a bleeding young woman. If it’s the same one who came to my door, she’ll be standing there, apparently in anguish, with bright-red droplets plopping from her face onto your porch.

As a true crime junkie, I knew well enough not to let the woman inside. Her gang of bandits hiding in the bushes would have taken that opportunity, of course, to barge in with semi-automatic weapons and steal my favorite lamp.

I instead offered the woman a paper towel to stanch the bleeding and more water for her empty water bottle.

It turns out she had not been beaten, raped or thrown in a wash and left for dead. She was suffering a nosebleed, which happens when she’s under a lot of stress. And, boy, was she under stress. Continue reading Knock, Knock … Who’s there? Yet another person who wants to sell you something

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JOE: a bumble bee poem

beware of bees sign

I felt bad – for a moment – to

watch the bee twitch to

see his two front legs

flail crazed on his

back jacked

from the cup

I had smushed

through his middle I


felt bad – for an instant – as

I crushed his bee head

with a rock – that


buddha stuff

says not to

kill things & I

shall very well go

to hell but it was

such a human

reaction when his

fuzzy bee bottom

grazed my

lip as I took a

sip of coffee & then


glanced in the

cup to see

the bee

so gleeful

& merry

as he

tainted the

last drop

of joe.


ryn gargulinski.02.17.13