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Things Found in a Puddle: Funky Illustration

Things Found in a Puddle was created to submit to the poetry journal Wormwood as part of its liquid theme.

See if you can spot the following fun stuff:

cigarette butt
drowned mouse
hoop earring
insect missing legs
jackal bone
knit cap pompom fiber
moustache hair
nose hair
opera jacket patch
pigeon feather
quilt squares in miniature
root beer bubbles
worm with two heads
umbrella shard
x-ray fish carcass
yoyo string
zipper part

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Casa de Jacobus: Custom Outdoor Art and Address Signs – This one for excellent Tucson retreat FOR RENT!

Casa de Jacobus rules. And it happens to be for rent in Tucson.

This historic house has all the modern conveniences — including a new outdoor name and address sign from Ryndustries, LLC.

Homeowner Mary has a grand artistic eye and the interior is as sweet and cozy as the exterior. She also rents to midtown Tucson abode by the night, week, month or even longer for folks passing through. If I didn’t live in Tucson already, I’d definitely opt for this relaxing getaway over an annoying motel.

Join the Casa de Jacobus Facebook page at:

And e-mail Ryn Gargulinski to order your own custom outdoor sign. Address signs, cool family name signs, welcome signs, no soliciting signs or just plain “Go Away” can be yours today. All colors, sizes, styles welcome. Signs use exterior paint on durable metal. Filed edges for safety, wire loop or drill holes for easy hanging. Pick your take! E-mail

Thanks, Mary for the excellent Casa de Jacobus project. It was especially enjoyable because she gave me the text, numbers and measurements and let me run rampant with the rest. The house is as beautiful as she are!

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Snake Hiss Upcycled Art Collage: Harry Belafonte Album Back Cover

Coil your brain around this imaginative and creative Snake Hiss collage created from the back of a Harry Belafonte album cover.

The Snake Hiss College is part of a series of art created for the Bookmans Green Fest upcycled art contest. Artists were asked to come up with works using discarded books, CDs, record albums and other miscellaneous debris from the store’s recycle bin.

For some reason there were several Harry Belafonte albums in there. We know he would be proud of the masterpieces he has become.

The total collage set stands at five: Bumblebee Buzz, Moo Cow, Cat Meow, Dog Bark and Snake Hiss. The only one that did not use a Belafonte front or back album cover as the base was Moo Cow, which instead used the soundtrack album of some musical I have since forgotten.

Paint, CD parts, glue, lettering from book covers complete the handmade works, each containing a lot of creativity and a little bit of love.

It’s hard to love a Calypso face too much, after all.

Each collage comes framed in a special record album frame, metal with a clear, thick plastic front, which fits the exact dimensions of the album size of 12 inches square.

Love it?

Buy it on Etsy.

Want a lizard instead or other custom art? E-mail inquiries and requests to