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Spotted in CA: Two-foot tall, aqua blue horse

Unicorns are cool, but a 2-foot tall aqua blue horse with a pink mane is even cooler.

Check out the endearing equine in action at his new home in Agua Dulce, California:

horse aqua blue
Custom horse sign for Kelly in CA

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How I Deal with Death (a poem)

I fear it.

I embrace it.


I let it keep me up at night.

I poke at it with a stick.


I get skeeved when I have to

touch it and pull out an

old pair of pajamas to

wrap up my rat

and bury



I abhor it.

I adore it. I really

don’t adore it I just

liked the way it



I hang doll

heads from my

ceiling fan a

shrunken skull from

my rearview



I want it to go away.

I make it come

for bugs.


I let it sit there on

the porch I

shoo it with

a swatter.


I try to tell myself it is

the ultimate spiritual

experience and there’s no

way to get out of it yet I




freak out to think

I may one day

not be me. I



cute little


on tricycles.


Ryn Gargulinski, 05.01.13

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Non-creepy caricatures: Family, friends, kids or pets


Custom gifts are the best gifts, and a custom portrait from Ryndustries lets you gift a whole group in one fell swoop!

Choose from cartoon people (with flesh) or cartoon skeletons, all depicted with the quirky and fun Rynski twist.

The finished product is a full-color, 8 x 10 JPEG in high-res 600 dpi suitable for framing. Opt for a background with any text, design or color you like.

All you need to do is send photos of the folks or pets you want depicted, outline any color or background choices and give me a week to create so you can enjoy. Rush orders available in a pinch, as are specific activities you’d like your cartoons do be doing, such as running, jumping, climbing a tree, or playing in a band.

Please email for any questions or more info.

Buy now on Etsy.

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An Internet sucker born every millisecond: Falling victim to the latest online scam

Now that people have become wise to Nigerian money scam e-mails and “click here” buttons that infect computers with the latest virus, deceptive online practices are getting sneakier.

One sucked me in the other day, promising I could win $1,000 if I submitted a cute photo of my pet. Since I obsess over my dog Sawyer to the point of probably needing psychological help, I chomped on that offer with a few clicks of the mouse, a submission form, and uploading one of the 5,428 endearing photos I have of the pooch.

One thousand dollars could buy a heck of a lot of dog treats.

The junk e-mail began immediately. I was first encouraged to tell all my friends, family members and people I might have passed on the street 12 years ago to vote for my dog’s endearing photo. After all, I was told, the only way I could win that $1,000 was to amass the most votes from fellow Internet suckers.

Anyone who wanted to vote, of course, had to fill out their own submission form that disclosed their name, e-mail, phone number, blood type, shoe size and date of birth. They would then be immediately slammed with their own set of junk e-mail.

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Murphy’s laws for dogs: Guide for animal lovers in Tucson and beyond

Dogs have a keen sense of humor, so it only makes sense they would be governed by a set of laws that are equally humorous, albeit in an ironic and twisted way.

Loosely based on Murphy’s Law for the human universe that tells us anything that can go wrong undoubtedly will, Murphy’s laws for dogs share the same clear-cut philosophy. As with any set of laws, some of the Murphy laws for dogs are broad enough to cover canines across the globe while others have regional variations that stick close to Tucson – literally. Such as the jumping cholla law.

No matter how small or carefully hidden a cactus patch may be, if one exists, the dog will find it. He will not find this aforementioned patch while sniffing softly and treading lightly, either. Said cactus patch will be found while he bolts off to chase a rabbit. The rabbit, of course, is familiar with the patch and hops merrily through the little non-needled nooks and crannies along a tiny, meandering path. The dog, of course, comes back with stickers in his tongue. The said cactus patch will be jumping cholla. The vet will inevitably be closed.

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