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Custom Horse Signs: Go for horses, a pony, donkey or goat with delightful equine signs

If you love horses, want to protect your horses or aim to keep prying eyes and hands away from your horses, our custom horse signs are designed for you!

Pick a horse of any size, any color and sporting any saying or text that makes you whinny with delight. Perhaps you want to mark each stall with a personalized sign with your horse’s name. Maybe you’d adore an entrance horse sign that simply says Welcome!

Each metal sign starts as ordinary sheet metal which is transformed into extraordinary art. Each sign also features filed edges for safety, wire loop for easy hanging and weather-resistant, rust resistant paint topped with clear coat.

Prices depend on size:

$49 for custom horse sign approx. 18 by 14 inches
$44 for custom horese sign approx. 16 by 12 inches
$39 for custom horse sign approx. 14 by 10 inches
Go even larger for more impact. Donkeys, ponies, GOATS! and all other animals also welcome.

Please e-mail for more info or custom orders.

Custom art ships out in five business days at most; shipping charge is $15.


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Ryn Yard Art: Because boring yards are worse than boring people (almost) – 2012 update

Please enjoy the updated Wacky Yard Art photos snapped in my Tucson backyard in August 2012. It was time to update the previous pix, which are missing a lot of the growth.

Want some Rynart for your own backyard?

Shop on the Ryndustries website!

Shop at Ryndustries on Etsy!

Email for custom orders:

P.S. I once hallucinated all my art came alive and began to attack me. (Don’t worry, it won’t happen to you as long as you get enough sleep.)

Have a nice day!

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Adorable Floral Bunny: Flower Power Rabbit Metal Sign

rynski cute bunnyski
flower power bunny rynski
Yes, I can too do cute, and this adorable floral bunny proves it! Thanks to loyal customer Cher, who requested a cute bunny with flowers, the pictured creation was born.

Although Cher got the original, I am up for making additional bunnies in similar fashion, with flowers or polka dots or the pattern and colors of your choice. You can also go for text on the rabbit, making it an ideal nameplate for a kid’s room.

Adorable bunny is made out of sheet metal and weather-resistant. Filed edges for safety. Wire loop for easy hanging.

Prices depend in sizes:

  • $49 for LG sign approx. 18 by 14 inches
  • $44 for MED sign approx. 16 by 12 inches
  • $39 for SM sign approx. 14 by 10 inches

For more info or to add details to your order, Etsy conversations or email

Buy now! on Etsy.


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Odd Pueblo: Snappy or crappy year end special

In honor of the arrival of the brand new year and the old thing that just passed, I’ve looked through my photo archives and found one photo from each month that merits a snappy or crappy vote from you gorgeous readers.

As you may know, this fun Odd Pueblo feature asks the audience to rate a trend, topic or sighting of something around town: is it snappy or crappy? Have fun deciding, and please don’t be swayed by my own votes, which I’ve included in the captions.

May your New Year be blessed with a lot of the snappy and little to no crappy.



Ryn Gargulinski is a poet, artist, performer and Ryngmaster who sometimes thinks crappy stuff is snappy. Her column usually appears every Friday on Rynski’s Blogski but she wrote this week’s editorial for The Arizona Daily Star, which will appear on Rynski’s Blogski on Monday. Her art, writing and more is at E-mail

wb-logolilWhat do you think?

What’s the snappiest and crappiest thing you’ve seen, done or heard all year?

What photo is the snappiest? The crappiest?

Is New Year’s Eve the crappiest holiday?