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Have gun, will use it: Welcome to Arizona?

Arizonans like their guns – or so the reputation goes. It’s a reputation backed up by incidents like Tucson’s recent road rage altercation that left a man fatally shot in a Jack in the Box parking lot and January’s tragic mass shooting.

The gun-happy reputation is enhanced even further with tales of border shootings and home invasions, armed robberies at banks and Circle K.

More bolstering of the reputation comes from the state legislature’s hesitancy to back gun-control measures. Doing so, an Arizona Republic article explains, can easily spell the end of political ambitions – or even a career.

It’s gotten to the point where Arizona is frequently viewed as a trigger-happy state full of mayhem. Former U.S. Sen. Dennis DeConcini, who has supported gun-control measures in the past and now travels the country on the Arizona Board of Regents, told the Republic the common line he hears when others find out where he’s from.

“Now, people will say, ‘Oh, you’re from Arizona. I’m sorry.’”

When I moved to Tucson several years ago, one of my friends nonchalantly pulled a pistol from her purse and said, “Now that you live in Arizona, you have to get a gun.”

It really is that easy, with Tucson having a wider variety of gun choices than it has latest shoe styles. Options run the gamut from Smith & Wesson revolvers to never-fired Colt semi-automatics, from military pistols issued in 1840 to the sweet yet powerful Beretta with the classy walnut grips.

Some of the shoe styles only come in beige.

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Same-sex marriage hassles include gifts: Problem solved with same-sex wedding Lucky Voodoo Doll couples

From “His” and “Hers” towel sets to “His” and “Hers” china cups that cost too much and no one uses, there is no dearth of wedding gifts for the bride and groom.

The happy groom and groom same-sex wedding Lucky Voodoo Dolls/Art and photo Ryn Gargulinski

But when it comes to same-sex marriages, finding suitable presents for the groom and groom or the bride and bride can be a bit of a challenge.

Enter Same-Sex Marriage Lucky Voodoo Dolls.

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People eating strange objects, stealing hissing cockroach – Rynski Radio – UPDATE with playlist, download

People do the weirdest things – but don’t take it from us. Take it from the brothers who stole a hissing cockroach.

The cockroach pictures were too gross so we get a fish instead/Illustration Ryn Gargulinski

Or take it from Rhode Island Hospital, which recently reported 305 cases of patients eating strange objects – from pen parts to razor blades with toothbrushes in between.

Those stories and more are up this week on Rynski’s Shattered Reality radio show on and FM 94.9 in Hudson Valley, N.Y.

Next show is Wednesday, Nov. 24 (today!) and every Wednesday online at Showtime is 1 p.m. in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST.

Party 934 is a radio alternative for listeners sick of stations that play one song followed by 500 commercials.

Songs that mention DREAMS are this weeks theme, along with our weekly polka fix and a goofy array of offbeat stories.

Thanks! to all who keep the song requests coming.

What: Rynski’s Shattered Reality Internet radio show
When: Every Wednesday for one hour
Time: 1 p.m. in Arizona, 3 p.m. EST
Where: and FM 94.9 in Hudson Valley

Seems next week theme will still be dreams – just downloaded all the songs and WOW, we have quite a solid lineup.

Missed the show? CLICK HERE to download

Playlist for Rynski’s Shattered Reality 11/24:

Theme: Dreams, part 1 of 2

The Doors – I’m a Spy (Dan in FL)

The Lovin’ Spoonful – What a Day for a Daydream (Frank in AZ)

Blondie – Dreaming (Josh in NY)

The Smithereens – Behind the Wall of Sleep (Tom in AZ)

The Mamas and the Papas – Dream a Little Dream of Me (Cherlyn, Lizzie, Frank, Carol – all in AZ, Leigh in NY)

Van Halen – Little Dreamer (Radmax in AZ)

Pink Floyd – Julia Dream (Mitch in NY)

The Rolling Stones – Moonlight Mile (Stones always for Deb in AZ)

Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night (Walt in TX)

Jimi Hendrix – Still Raining, Still Dreaming (Benn in WA)

The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman (Leigh in NY)

Charles Manson – Eyes of a Dreamer (LePetit in AZ)

Flyleaf – Believe in Dreams (Beezel)

Avsenik Slavko – Grand Prix Polka (Polka always for parents)

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

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Early Thanksgiving for Tucson dog and owner reunited after five years: Hail the mighty microchip

A Siberian Husky named Nike may have been a dog gone after he got lost as a puppy five years ago, but he was certainly never forgotten.

Siberian husky Nike was reunited with owner Zeluica Sans after five years/Photo courtesy Humane Society of Southern Arizona

Tucson owner Zuleica Sans and her family still kept pictures of the perky pup on their fridge all these years, but they also figured that would be all they would ever see of him.

They were wrong.

More than half a decade after getting lost, Nike ended up last week at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona when someone found him near East 22nd Street and Prudence Road as a stray – but he didn’t stay that way for long.

His microchip info pointed to the Sans family as his owners and Society staff gave them a call. Of course, Zuleica and her mother hightailed it down to the Kelvin Boulevard shelter.

“Nike and Zuleica recognized each other instantly in a beautiful reunion that unfolded with hugs, smiles, a wagging tail, and cheers all around,” noted the news release announcing the turn of events.

“He looks exactly the same,” Zuleica Sans said upon their reunion, “just bigger.”

The family, too, had gotten bigger. Nike was brought home to an expanded brood that now includes a Chihuahua and a Shih Tzu.

Siberian husky Nike was reunited with owner Zeluica Sans (pictured here with her mom) after five years/Photo courtesy Humane Society of Southern Arizona

No one knows where Nike had been all that time, but he apparently did OK.

He initially got loose after jumping the fence, but now Zeluica and crew live in a home with a more secure yard.

The Sans also got one more added bonus – they didn’t even have to pay the adoption fee to get Nike back, although he did have to be licensed with the county for $15.50.

“Now safe and sound, Nike’s story serves as a great reminder of the importance of properly identifying your pets and the inspiring power of unconditional love,” the release said.

Too true.

Nike is not the only dog gone that was recently reunited with its family thanks to a microchip.

A Weimaraner named Jake was stolen as a puppy from a Michigan backyard seven years ago – and reunited with his owners earlier this year.

The Davis family, of Lake Orion, got a phone call from Kentucky saying microchip info on a now-grown Weimaraner was pointing back to the Davis family.

At first Brad Davis did not believe the call telling him his dog was found. After all, the family got a new dog just three months before and the dog was at their home. But when the caller mentioned the microchip, Brad told the host on his “The Early Show” appearance, “Right then, I knew it was Jake from seven years ago.”

Microchips, which are about the size of a grain of rice, are inserted into the scruff of the dog’s neck between the shoulders. The information on the chip includes a 10-character identification number registered with a service that keeps records on microchipped pets.

Hand-held scanners read the info and, voila, you hopefully get your pet back.

Inserting a microchip is quick, painless and relatively cheap – especially compared to those priceless reunions.

Where to get a microchip:

Humane Society of Southern Arizona
Cost: $20
The Society offers microchipping during normal business hours at the shelter, 3450 N. Kelvin Blvd, as well as at its vaccination clinics. CLICK here for clinic schedule or visit:


Siberian husky Nike was reunited with owner Zeluica Sans (pictured here with her mom) after five years/Photo courtesy Humane Society of Southern Arizona

What do you think?

Does your pet have a micrcochip? If not, why not?

Have you ever had a pet go missing? Did you get the pet back?

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Shut people up with Blabber Meter: Tech device silences Chatty Cathy coworkers, friends, family – even mother-in-law

Sometimes we wish certain folks would just shut up.

The Blabber Meter helps get blabber heads off the phone/Thinkstock

We all know at least one Chatty Cathy type – although one is often loud and loose-lipped enough to sound like seven different people.

These types don’t even care what they’re saying. They’ll talk about the weather, their sweater, the rain, their pain, the sun, their operation, their baby’s latest bowel movement – enough talk, talk, talk to drive us insane.

They corner us in the supermarket, explaining the holistic benefits of organic bananas or oolong tea. They stifle us at the workplace, crowding like cackling hens around our desk or flooding us with words near the office water cooler, mere inches from the doorway and escape.

They let loose on the phone, spewing nonstop talk like vomit, or pin us to our porches on our way out the door, slathering words into our ears until they bleed.

Sometimes they even enter our homes – disguised as drunk uncles, chatty cousins or one heck of an obnoxious mother-in-law.

Well now we have a solution.

While a gag, muzzle or swift punch in the mouth comes immediately to mind as a way to stop the ceaseless babble, there is something that is much more humane – and not as likely to get us arrested.

Enter the Blabber Meter.

The Blabber Meter computes how much time - and money - incessant talkers waste with their blather/submitted photo

This handy, dandy tech device looks and feels like a small silver desk clock. But it is so much more. The Blabber Meter comes completely equipped with a timer that automatically converts minutes into money units.

This way you know and can show how much time – and money – the incessant talker is wasting with every word about the weather, every description of their baby’s latest bowel movement.

You might even get in good with your boss, when you show her how a stifling, long corporate meeting is eating up hundreds of dollars in company profits. Just be wary when using on the mother-in-law.

The Blabber Meter is lightweight and completely portable, ideal for those on-the-go situations at the supermarket or front porch.

Yes, the Blabber Meter is for real – learn more or buy one today for only $24.99 at its website

Yes, the Blabber Meter – because money is time, time is money and nothing is as golden as silence.


Ryn Gargulinski is a poet, artist, performer and Ryngmaster who sometimes wishes she had a Blabber Meter when a certain someone talks and talks through the movies we rent. Her column appears every Friday on Rynski’s Blogski. Her art, writing and more is at and E-mail

What do you think?

Will you be purchasing a Blabber Meter?

What Chatty Cathy types annoy you most?

What methods have you used to make people be quiet?