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  1. Before anyone starts saying this post is anti-police, which it is not…

    After reading this, Ryn, I went back and re-read the article.  I cannot figure out where your concern is coming from or how what you have written could be construed as anti-police.  I picked up some anti-homicide attitude, but I doubt anyone would object to that.

    Anyway, as to your question “Do you feel safe in Tucson?”.  Yes, I mostly do but then again I am white and male and what Americans like to call “middle class”.  Crime in America, like justice, is often a matter of race, class and gender.   

    • thanks, leftfield, but i’ve found it MUCH easier to add disclaimers when there is 1 in a billion zillion chance that a reader may misconstrue the point.
      the misconstruing in this case could possibly come from the question in the headline (since some in the past have read only the headlines) ‘will more cops keep us safe’?
      this question, i fear, could be misconstrued that i MUST mean that cops are not doing their jobs since, of course, i question if more of them will make an impact on our personal safety and security….you get the gist….
      disclaimers are a simple way to hopefully ward off any potential rants or haters.
      i’m glad you did pick up on the anti-homicide attitude and i did not need a disclaimer for that.
      also glad you feel safe in tucson. overall, i’d say it’s a cozy place – but this elevated string of violent crime is not a very endearing quality. hope it wanes anon.
      thanks, as always, for comment.

        • I’m going with other, with my explanation above.  So, you’ve been stung by the “menacing figure” and now by the perception that your approach to the dead is too “light-hearted”?  It’s true, Ryn: if you’re an artist, a writer, a politician, or anything else in the public domain, you’re gonna be sticking it out there for everyone to see.  Every now and then someone is gonna come along and kick it (metaphorically, of course).  In the end, you can’t form your opinion of your work or yourself by the judgements of others, especially not the few who complain. 

          • thanks, leftfield – i needed that!
            you’re absolutely right – and i DO hope the kicks stay metaphorical, at least – (haha).
            i’m posting this on my bathroom mirror:
            In the end, you can’t form your opinion of your work or yourself by the judgments of others….
            thanks again for reminder.

    • My house has weapons(or should I say “devices). sawed off shovel handle, Japanese bayonet (very long) and a knife from an unnamed Arab country. All within easy reach. They dont make noises.
      I keep a knife on my person/car/briefcase. All very easy to get too. They all dont make any noise and I have the will to use them. Any weapon is useful ONLY if the person has the will to use it.
      I have been burglarized, and no I dont feel safe in Tucson. But I am prepared. A whistle will only insure that they know where to find your body. The cops just are not that fast. Attack your attacker. A dead martyr is just another dead body

  2. Man o man Rynski, this isn’t TOP that I remember.  People would fight, but this type of stuff still got everyone upset then.  Now it sound common place.  I do know that NM, known for violence, got a greatly amount of more livable when the whole state seemed to go to community policeing.  The cops were visable and known to the locals.  They were very involved and stopped to talk with people.  The state got a whole lot more safe feeling as all contributed to a sense of community.  Tucson is a very special place that I don’t even like thinking of it in this situation.  I can’t even give a lite note.

    • hey alan in kent wa,
      i don’t get the “altercation turned deadly” sutff, either. i also hope it is a trend and not a permanent installation.
      community policing is known to work. thanks for your nmex anecdote.

  3. Well, I love it here in Tucson and I feel safe here.
    It is very saddening to hear of all the unnecessary violence as of late. I always have to think about the fact that the victims are someones beloved relative or friend.

    • the violence of late is VERY disheartening….i like tucson, too, and it deserves better than this. it’s a tragic situation all around, but, as i mentioned to kent, hopefully the trend will not continue ad infinitum.

  4. I bet the folks in the twin towers felt safe too. When some a-hole allows drugs, talking dogs, ‘voices’, rage or a man made version of  “Gods Will” influence their actions, no one is ‘safe’. Still, this is one of the quieter burgs I’ve lived in, downright boring sometimes. 🙂

    • hiya radmax,
      yes, dealing with other people is ALWAYS like dealing with a loose cannon, so to speak. and also agree tucson is quite quiet, comparatively, to some of the places i’ve also been.
      …and i’ve learned there is nothing wrong with ‘boring’ if ‘boring’ just means lack of drama….

  5. It isn’t just Arizona, Physical crime is up all over the country.  In Pennsylvania, lately, after they beat you down enough to steal whatever you have, they shoot you in the leg.
    I carry my whistle at all times.  Mine has a small problem with lead things coming out the front, every time I use it.

    • ha! on your ‘whistle’ – thanks for clearing up confusion. i honestly thought farley was walking around with a little whistle like they use for coaching sports -hahhahah.
      too sad to hear the physical/violent crime is on the rise all over the place. i knew people across the nation were generally getting ruder and less considerate, but i did not think they were all getting more violent, too.
      stay safe!

  6. This is a right to carry state, and with no ccw required to carry now, it is the regular, “good” citizens to arm themselves, not only to protect themselves, but to potentially save the life of feel a bit more confident while walkin’ to you’re car through a dark parking lot (no one likes to live in fear). The criminals are carrying anyway..this is the way we can level the playing field. Makes them think; “I wonder if that guy/lady is packing a pistol…?” “Better choose another, easier target.” A gun is not an evil thing…it is a tool to do a job: put food on the table, target shoot for leisure, or to save one’s life. “A person can kill someone waaay uglier with a hammer than a gun.” 

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