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Business Happiness

Enliven your business. Boost your income. Stop punching the computer. Laughing Wolf Consulting with Rynski. 

Creative Writing | Content Marketing | Brand Building + Consulting

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Personal Happiness

Live in freedom. Discover your purpose. Stop losing your car keys. Laughing Wolf Healing with Rynski,  

Personal Coaching | Spiritual Coaching | Reiki + Healing

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Home + Garden Happiness

Brighten your space. Make someone smile. Cover that unsightly wall. Ryndustries Art + Custom Gift Shop.

Rynski Art | Custom Gifts + Projects | Garden Design

Happifying Clients since 1999

[Before that, I was just morose]


Ryn Gargulinski is an award-winning writer, artist, coach, consultant and healer who taps into her humor, experience and creativity to bring happiness to life.

‘We Love Having Ryn as a Partner in our Business’

Ryn has an eye for the unique. She is always able to find those interesting gems of stories that other writers often overlook. Her writing is witty, entertaining and yet still always informative. I love to read her work.”

We love having Ryn as a partner in our business, and value her contributions so much!”

-Happy Writing Clients

Laughing Wolf Consulting with Rynski

‘Ryn Makes People Better. And I Like Better People.’

“My sincerest thank you! Rynski helped me get out of my black hole and into a prestigious community-based job with a mission I adore. Much gratitude.”

-Happy Coaching + Healing Clients

Laughing Wolf Healing with Rynski

‘Ryn Puts her Heart, Soul and Talent into her life coaching.’

“As an accomplished artist and writer, Ryn brings those gifts in to play throughout the process of working together. I love the way she incorporates her unique art into the work materials, which can help make even the most serious issue seem a little lighter. It’s such a fresh approach, and applicable to any kind of recovery, not just from addiction but also relationships, illnesses, or any life transitions that have knocked you down and drained your dazzle.”

-Happy Coaching Clients

Rynski Coaching Club

'Ryn is one of the most talented writers and artists I know.'

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Secret to Success in Everything You Do    

The 12 Steps for Everyone

Remember that manual for living you always wanted? Here it is.
It’s the 12 Steps in a variation anyone, anywhere can use. That means you get all the joy, freedom and relief without the years of hangovers. 

Pretty cool indeed! 

Rynski Life Stories + STrategies

Gather insights and delight from Rynski Life stories and strategies. 

The Power of Suggestion Gave Me A Crazy Car

The Power of Suggestion Gave Me A Crazy Car

Every time I think of my old decked-out car, I think of George. No, George was not a mechanic at the local garage. He was a business advisor at Tucson SCORE. And my car wasn’t decked out to go 800 miles an hour—or I would have surely speeded my way out of my driver’s...

World Safety 101 (poem)

World Safety 101 (poem)

  Gotta ban guns. Gotta ban knives. Gotta ban sticks. They all take lives. Gotta ban bats. Gotta ban rocks. Gotta ban lasers and tasers that shock.   Gotta ban pepper spray. Gotta ban stones. They go with the sticks and break all your bones. Gotta ban...

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