you never see

the aftermath of an

exorcism – just the

ruddy happy family so

relieved the spirit’s gone but


what about the ribs that

banged against the ceiling or the

joints that took a beating from

contorting like a crab the


spine must a be a mess with

crushed up crumbled vertebrae

from the head’s violent

spinning like a

dreidel on speed the


spleen is likely

ruptured from haphazard

levitation and the

brain bounced and

bruised a ping pong

in the skull – and then


there’s the mental side from

acting like a jerk a

long list of sorrys and

amends the soul


could use some soothing

to coax it back in place to

recover from the

houseguest that

was literally

from hell – of course


all this jazz is as seen on

TV – but demons don’t

restrict themselves to



-ryn gargulinski.12.04.13