If the usual social networking sites are leaving you spiritually lacking, all you need to do is pay a visit to one set up by monks at DunceBook.god, according to a post at by George Held at GetAngryWithMe.com.

No, the name does not refer to people forced to sit in the corner with pointy hats, but rather Duns Scotus, a prominent theologian of the Middle Ages.

Monks Offer New Site for Social Networking, GetAngryWithMe.com

Lexington, KY (INS), June 6. Trappist monks at their Kentucky monastery have announced DunceBook, a new alternative to Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Living under the Rule of St. Benedict, Trappists must earn their keep and some monasteries make bread, jam, or beer.

As the Reverend Albinus Cassock, abbot of Golgotha Monastery, explained, β€œIn the current digital age, our brothers have turned to high tech for our living: We offer an ecumenical site for all dunces who need another place to tell likeminded folk about their daily ablutions, passing of wind, and eliminations.” A modest fee will help to keep the site on the Internet and offer users a link to the Divine through social networking, β€œa sort of online miracle,” as the abbot put it.

(For the record, I tried to visit the DunceBook and it shuttled me into MySpace where I didn’t have to pursue it further at the moment.)

DunceBook adds to the number of theme or niche-oriented social networking sites, and we could always use more. We already have several for Tucson networking for dates or for business, but are sorely lacking in some specific groups, like networking sites for kite makers, ambulance drivers and serial killers.

What niche social networking site would you love to see?