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Hire speaker Rynski. Earthly charm mingled with spiritual motivation.

No better way to amp up the crowd. And become the big hero of your event.

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WhY Hire speaker Ryn Gargulinski?

You know those tedious talks that leave people looking at their watches? That’s not Rynski.

You get entertainment + enlightenment + tips you can put into action to better your business, career and overall life.

It all adds up to one energizing presentation the audience remembers forever [or at least a really long time].

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Launch your audience onward and upward into enthusiastic success. Hire speaker Rynski as your motivational keynote speaker for learning, laughs and inspiration.

Speaker for Spiritual Motivation

Trade stress for serenity with quick tips you can put into daily practice immediately. Hire speaker Ryn Gargulinski for spiritual motivation.

Rynski Spiritual Workshops

Pick a problem, any problem. Then schedule a Rynski spiritual workshop to apply a spiritual solution. Top topics include dealing with resentments, fears and jerks. 

'I love Ryn's energy. You just want to be in her space.'

Motivational Keynote Speaker Rynski

The Secret to Success in Everything You Do

Give Rynski one hour and she’ll give you the secret to fulfillment. Based on her top-selling books “The 12 Steps for Everyone” and “How to Get Through Hell on Earth without Drinking a Keg or Kicking a Garden Gnome,” Ryn’s entertaining keynote combines story with suggestions for success.

She takes the audience through a speed-up round of her personal journey from near death at the age of 29 to her present-day state of perpetual happiness—sharing the same methods she uses for ongoing satisfaction and glee.


  • 60 Minutes
  • In person or on Zoom
  • Contact for rates

Speaker for Spiritual Motivation

Trade Stress for Serenity   

“The spiritual life is not a theory. You have to live it.”

And live it you shall if you follow the fast and fun tips from Ryn Gargulinski. Hire speaker Rynski for her 20-minute session and she’ll deliver proven methods for bringing more serenity into your life.

They’re quick. They’re easy. And they’ll change your world. You’ll be amazed at how much energy you have when it’s not spent fretting, fearing and frowning.  


  • 20 Minutes
  • In person or on Zoom
  • Contact for rates

Spiritual solutions to worldly woes

Rynski Spiritual Workshops

We all have worldly problems. Or at least we think we do. And when we attack them with worldly solutions, things often end up worse than they started.

But bring spiritual solutions into the mix, and things are solved magnificently. Magically. In a way that leaves us sweetly serene. Hire speaker Rynski to lead your group in a spiritual workshop to find out for yourself.

Top Rynski Spiritual Workshop Topics: 

Workshops are 60 minutes. In person or online. They can also end with a mini Reiki session at the closing [optional but recommended!]. 

Have a specific problem you want solved? Request a custom spiritual workshop on any given topic. 

Rynski Presentation Awards

Funniest Person in Brooklyn

Laughs Comedy Club, NYC


Blood, sweat + Fun

Or you might know them as credentials.

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Rynski Books

Freelance artist and author Ryn Gargulinski has more than a dozen published books.

Material from her personal-development books makes a great foundation for Rynski spiritual workshops.

rynski life publications book hell on earth
big book of illustrated affirmations ryn gargulinski
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12 steps for everyone ryn gargulinski
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Rynski believes in a world where magic happens – If you let it. 

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