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We love our pups, kitties and other pets – especially if they have long, luscious hair. But our vacuums decidedly do not. Here’s the quickest way to clean all the tangled hair, string, yarn and other long things wrapped around the bristle brush roller thing on your vacuum.

These instructions are specific to the Dyson Duo Clean model vacuum, although they may work for other brands and models as well.


Ignore all earthly vacuum maintenance until one day, out of nowhere, the bristle brush roller thing stops rolling because it’s clogged with enough pet hair to make a 12-foot blanket.

Unplug vacuum and let it sit for three seconds. Plug in and try again. Nothing.

Move into action.


Flip vacuum over to examine bottom area where the rollers are housed.

Quickly disassemble anything that looks like it could be taken apart so you can pull out the bristle brush roller thing.

Take off bottom plate that has those plastic fasteners you can unscrew with a quarter or other large coin. (Hint: Ask husband or other man for the coin. They usually have a jar of coins somewhere.)

Push the button that says “roller release” to remove small front roller.

Become dismayed that large bristle brush roller remains firmly in place.

Push on any and all other plastic components that could possibly be a release lever for the large bristle brush roller. No luck.

Tug on large bristle roller from every angle and direction trying to get it loose.

Give up and go sit on the lanai.

More Action

Do an online search for “remove bristle brush roller thing on Dyson Duo Clean.”

Spend at least 20 minutes looking for written instructions instead of YouTube video instructions because you simply don’t have time to watch a video.

Find written instructions for pulling out bristle brush roller to replace it. It involves unscrewing about 16 tiny screws that are destined to get lost if you even look at them wrong.

Realize there is no easy way to pull out bristle brush roller to properly clean the roller. In short, you have to sit there at the foot of the vacuum with a pair of scissors.

Go back out on the lanai, leaving the vacuum half-disassembled in the middle of the kitchen-dining area for three days or until every household member trips on it at least twice.

Move half-disassembled vacuum to area where no one will trip on it, preferably the shed or garage.

Forget about it until the disassembled parts get lost and/or the motor somehow gets ruined and no longer works at all.

Final Step

Buy new vacuum.

Hope this helps!

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