Little Book of Big Jerks

Whether you run into them in the supermarket, sit next to them at work, or even end up dating (or marrying!) one, difficult people are everywhere. But you no longer have to run, hide or cross to other side of the street to avoid them if you have this handy guide by your side.

Difficult people don’t have to ruin your day – or your life. This dandy illustrated guide outlines 12 types of difficult people, along with 12 highly effective tools for dealing with them all. Like Argumentative Anna, Backstabbing Beatrice, Boring Boris – or the nine other difficult people outlined in this book.

Not only do you get a good look of 12 different jerky types, but you get 12 tools you can use to safeguard yourself from their jerkiness. Don’t delay. Use the tools today – for a happier, healthier, and jerk-free tomorrow.