We'll always love you,             Bubble!

We’ll always love you, Bubble!

Sawyer “The Bubble” Gargulinski passed away peacefully July 18, 2014. He was 8 years and 6 months old, which would translate to about 60 in human years. Despite his limited time on earth, Sawyer brought unlimited joy to each and every person he met.

Well, not really. 

He was fiercely protective and fond of his mother, Ryn Gargulinski, and got a kick out of his dad, Bob Adcock. Others were usually terrorized by The Bubble, who would test people to see if they would cower in fear. The only way to win his affection was to prove you could either be trusted or provide a steady stream of treats.

Fondly referred to as “The Wandering Gut,” Sawyer’s favorite pastime was treats, followed closely by napping. This Oregon native also loved daily walks, swimming, randomly stomping through things in the backyard and splish-splashing in fountains and buckets. His favorite destinations were San Diego’s Dog Beach and Arizona’s Roosevelt Lake, although he was never a fan of the car rides it took to get there. He took to desert life in Tucson quite naturally, bounding through tall grass, chewing up palm tree bark and “hiding” in the middle of bare dirt trails as if no one could see him.

Crafty, clever and full of mischief, he was also quite the wordsmith. He manned the “Sawyer Says” animal blog on TucsonCitizen.com for several years before retiring to become his mother’s muse and foot warmer. He was especially sly when it came to obtaining treats, placing himself directly in your way or hogging your bed and not budging until you offered up a goodie.

Fond memories of The Bubble are too numerous to list, as he made every moment a special one. He was also quite the clown. Top antics included his howling version of “I wuv you” and singing for his supper or yet another treat. He was the “King of Comfort,” always commanding and then receiving the most luxurious lounging spots in the home.

His death was due to a bastion of health issues that seemed to come to a head all at once, resulting in his collapse after a Saturday evening walk. He was left unable to walk, but never unable to love. Although he had regular vet checkups throughout his life, health issues were never detected prior to their wholesale attack on his body.

Sawyer is survived by mother Ryn Gargulinski, father Bob Adcock, sister Phoebe “Dini” Gargulinski and two rats that could be considered cousins. He will always be remembered, especially since his paw print is tattooed on his mother’s back. It also doesn’t hurt that dozens of photos of him are plastered all over the house, including a full-size poster where he is smiling that Bubble grin with that telltale Bubble gleam in his eye.

We love you, Bubble! May heaven bless you with all the treats you so enjoy and deserve.