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Florida Ordained Minister: Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples

High Priestess of the Spiritual Joyride

Church of the Wild Souls

A Ministry

Guided by Spirit.

Infused with Light.

Brimming with Laughter and Love.


We are gathered here today – to unite two souls during the most extraordinary Florida wedding ceremony. As an ordained minister who lets Spirit guide my creativity, I am here to help you personalize, customize and make your wedding absolutely rock. Wedding websites, invitation design and help with writing speeches, toasts and personalized vows also available.

Funerals, Pet Funerals

When my soulmate dog Sawyer died, I couldn’t find a officiant to lead his funeral. I’m now here if you need one. While I’m available to officiate at all funerals, pet funerals hold a special place in my heart. My goal with all funerals is to honor your beloved and ease the passing for those left behind. Personalized eulogies, obituary writing and memorial websites also available.

House Blessings

House blessings are rituals designed to set the stage for eternal health, wealth, happiness and harmony in your home. Schedule one for moving into a new home or book one for an existing home that needs an energetic refresh. Similiar rituals I offer include house cleansing  and space purification. We can also customize any blessing or purification ritual to suit your exact needs. 


Baptisms are huge, and they can be performed for those of any age or at any stage of their life. Baptism ceremonies mark an affirmation or reaffirmation of faith while serving as an initiation into a spiritiual way of life. Select an indoor location or schedule an outdoor baptism at the beach. Naples beaches are tops for baptisms.

Reiki + Spiritual Healing

“It’s like God turning on a fire hose and sending all the love of the universe right through you.” That’s how I like to describe the ancient energy healing practice of Reiki. As a certified Reiki master and ordained minister, I am able to weave Reiki into your ceremony or ritual. Reiki sessions and workshops also available. 

Energetic Cord Cuttings

Ever feel like something has its hooks in you and you can’t shake it loose no matter what? You may have energetic cords still linking you to old relationships, emotions, patterns, outdated karmic obligations – or even dark forces beyond our mental control. Archangel Michael is the king of cord cuttings, and we bring him along for this 60-minute guided session designed to cut those energy-sucking cords and set your soul free.

Create an Experience You'll Cherish Forever


Weddings, funerals, baptisms, vow renewals and other ceremonies commemorate momentous experiences and rites of passage. As an ordained minister, I am legally able to serve as an officiant at ceremonies across the United States. Cape Coral weddings are a popular pick, as are Florida pet funerals.


House blessings, space clearings, energetic cord cuttings and full-moon energy activations are just a few examples of rituals I perform. Rituals consist of a set of actions designed to either produce a specific outcome or celebrate and honor an event or occasion. Customized rituals welcome. Contact me to talk details.

Cape Coral, Florida + Beyond

Schedule a virtual ceremony or ritual from anywhere or an in-person ceremony or ritual in Southwest Florida. Main areas include Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Naples, Sanibel and others in and around Lee County and Collier County. Will travel.

The 3 Most Important Things FOR HIRING an ordained minister


  • We need to click. You know those people you connect with and you just KNOW they are supposed to be in your life? That’s what it feels like with my clients. Whether I’m performing a single ceremony or providing ongoing spiritual guidance and Reiki healing, the kindred soul connection is where it’s at. 
  • You want to make your event extraordinary. Ordinary is so, well, ordinary.  Forget it. If you’re looking for a run-of-the-mill, blah-blah ceremony, I am not your minister. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, cherish-forever experience, schedule a call.
  • You are open to the power of Spirit. Call that spirit God, Jesus, the Christ Light, the Universe, the Great Being in the Sky, Nature Energy or whatever you wish. I’m with you as long as you’re open to it. I serve as a channel for this Spirit, so it definitely needs to be on your invite list. My ministry is non-denominational on the religious front, but exploding with power on the spiritual front. Let the blessings be.
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