Don’t Feed the Fears: Yard Art Metal Sign


don’t feed the fears metal sign



Whether it’s death, dismemberment or ending up living somewhere with no Wi-Fi, we all have fears. Having fears is human, but continuing to feed them so they prosper and grow, well, that’s just annoying.

Let the dang things starve to death.This happy Mr. Fear Monster Don’t Feed the Fears sign encourages and reminds you to do just that.It even says “Please” to show all those fears we’re being very polite about their starvation.

How I Made It

Metal yard art is created with love and care by first cutting out shape from sheet metal, filing down the edges with a Dremel and pounding out kinks with a flat hammer and anvil combination that the neighbors and my dogs hate.

Why I Made It

Honestly, I’m pretty sick of letting fears make some of the biggest decisions in my life. It was time to fight back.


Weather-resistant, rust-resistant paint finished off with clear coat.
Wire loop for easy hanging. Two-tone body hues.


My Mr. Fear Man prototype is a deep purple mixed with pinkishy purple and yellow-green highlights, but you can pick any color combination you choose. (My boyfriend said this purple guy reminds him of Barney the dinosaur – if that’s not fearful, I don’t know what is!)

You can use the standard order form here and include a note on any specific colors or other details you’d like. All signs made to order, so the playing field is wide open.

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 1 in

LG: 18 x 14 inches, MED: 16 x 12 inches, SM: 14 x 10 inches