Emotional Wheel Chart: Wheel of Feelings Download


Emotional Wheel Chart download + worksheet. Frame-ready, original Rynski art + instructions for making the most of your feelings wheel. PDF.


What’s an Emotional Wheel Chart? 

Also called a Wheel of Feelings, Feelings Wheel or Emotional Wheel, the Emotional Wheel Chart is an illustration  that showcases a variety of feelings, along with subsets of those feelings and the opposite of those feelings.

For instance, let’s say you’re feeling sad. Find sadness on the wheel, and you’ll see hurt, grief and depressed are part of sadness. This lets you more clearly identify what mode of sadness may be afflicting you so you can pinpoint the cause.

You’ll also see that joy is directly opposite of sadness on the wheel, indicating you could take action that brings joy to help alleviate the sadness. Joy is associated with feelings of being ecstatic and grateful, which gives you an even better idea of what action to take to counterbalance the sadness.

The Feelings Wheel was developed by Dr. Gloria Willcox, and you can find multiple variations. Since charts with straight lines and neat writing often freak me out, I came up with the Rynski version of the Emotional Wheel Chart, which is a shade more artistic.

Download Includes:

  • 8 x 11 Emotional Wheel Chart, high-res PDF that also includes sub-chart of Human Needs
  • Wheel of Feelings worksheet to help you make the most of the chart

Ideal for coaches for sharing with clients, or individuals who want a useful tool for keeping vibes high and soul happy.