Fifth Dimension Chart – Ascending into the Fifth Dimension


Rynski Fifth Dimension Chart download + worksheet. Frame-ready, original Rynski art + instructions for making the most of your fifth dimensional chart. PDF.


What’s the Fifth Dimension – And How Do I Get There?

The fifth dimension is a sublime state of consciousness, two levels above the usual three-dimensional world in which many humans live.

  • Fifth dimension: Full of love and light, generosity, spirituality, oneness
  • Fourth dimension: Middle ground that serves as a passage from the third to the fifth dimension
  • Third dimension: Full of fear and darkness, greed, materialism, separateness

The Rynski Fifth Dimensional Chart gives you more info on what each dimension is all about. In the background you’ll also see practices, like the 12 steps and Reiki, that can raise your vibration to help you achieve and maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

Download Includes:

  • 8 x 11 Rynski Fifth Dimensional Chart download, high-res PDF that looks great next to the bathroom mirror!
  • Fifth Dimensional Chart worksheet to help you make the most of the chart

Ideal for coaches for sharing with clients, or individuals who want a useful tool for keeping vibes high and soul happy.