Perky Pig Sign: Metal Yard Art, Address Sign


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Sick of your little piggies always trotting off to market? Then nab one that sticks around! This perky metal pig sign will grace your yard, porch, home or office, not only sticking around but giving you and your pals plenty of giggles while he’s doing so.

Pick your color. Pick your text. Pick your size. Customize this perky pig to create a sign that features your address, family name or unique name of your ranch, farm of stable. You can even include a witty saying, such as:

Eat Cow.
Have you hugged your pig today?

Or this doozy from Winston Churchill:

Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

Constructed out of galvanized sheet metal, Rynski signs feature weather-resistant, rust-resistant paint and a topping of clear coat for extra measure.

Signs are made to order, so go for whatever details you wish.

16 inches x 12 inches
Thicker metal than previous creations, 26 gauge instead of 28 gauge
Center hole with wire loop attached for hanging

What’s New?

–Thicker metal
–New techniques
–Standard size of 12 inches by 16 inches across the board (custom sizes still available upon request, but not as a general offering)

Seems no one in my new home state of Florida likes to sell the thinner, 28-gauge metal I used to use. So we went thicker. Moved up to 26 gauge.

It’s too thick to cut by hand like I used to, so I now use my handy dandy plasma cutter. Massive temperatures cut through metal like butter (and anything else that gets in the way).

Since I’m a big fan of letting my creativity flow, the sign shapes are now a bit more freeform than uniform. So you may get dog legs that are a bit uneven. Or a weirdly shaped tail. If that’s good with you, let’s do it!

Please send any questions and custom requests my way.
Love to hear from you!


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