Rynski Love Chum: Plush Baby Dragon Doll, Collectable Art Doll


Rynski Love Chum collectable art doll.

22 inches long.

Faux fur, polymer clay, class eyes, crystals.

Infused with Reiki. Made with love.


Brighten your space with the happy face of an adorable Rynski Love Chum, a collectable art doll made with love, laughter—and cuteness!—in mind.

This guy is a mix between a baby dragon and a baby fox. Gotta love hybrids.

Measures approximately 22 inches long.

Conceived in the wilds of the imagination and nurtured with love, faux fur and healing energy, the Rynski Love Chum was born. Each brilliant beast in the collection is beset with carefully chosen crystals to bring peace and harmony into the home.

I don’t choose the crystals, either. They do. The vibes I receive while I’m creating them determine the crystals they get, along with the colors and types of materials that grace their beings.

Designed to purify and protect, each Love Chum is infused with Reiki, love and high-level frequencies throughout the entire creation process.

Place one of these collectable art dolls on your desk, your nightstand, your altar, your bookshelf—anywhere you want a stream of positive energy and harmonious vibes to flow.

Collectable Art Doll Specifications

Each Rynski Love Chum is unique and made entirely by hand. No molds, no one-size-fits-all patterns. Just a feeling I get that guides me as I’m bringing them into our reality.

Clay head embellished with crystals
Plush body sewn by hand, faux fur with soft stuffing (no wire frame)
Clay claws (the cutest little things)

NOTE: These collectable art dolls are not toys for kids or pets. Not meant for biting, chewing or eating.

Custom orders welcome! Contact me with questions or requests.