A Jeep collision left one passenger without an arm – that the driver drove off with and then threw in a dumpster, according to a news release from the Tucson Police Department.

Police arrested the 26-year-old driver after he abandoned the Jeep, threw his passenger’s arm in the trash and went home.

The driver was booked into Pima County Jail Sept. 16 and charged with leaving the scene of an accident with serious injury and, for throwing away the arm, tampering with evidence.

The collision occurred just after midnight on Sept. 15 when the man driving the vehicle and three other men got into an argument as they were riding in the 2007 Jeep Liberty.

They had been leaving the Fourth Avenue area and, for a still unknown reason, the driver rammed into a tree near Seventh Street and Hoff Avenue while one of the rear passengers had been partly out of the vehicle.

That’s the man who lost his arm. Police found him on the scene suffering from life-threatening injuries. He was taken to a local hospital where he remains in critical but stable condition.

Police found the Jeep abandoned at an apartment complex at near 10th Street and Mountain Avenue, which also housed the dumpster that contained the arm.

No word yet on what happened to the other two passengers or if physicians were able to reattach the arm.

UPDATE 09/21/2009

Physicians were unable to attach the victim’s arm, said Tucson police spokesman Sgt. Fabian Pacheco in an e-mail, and the victim remains in stable condition.

The victim was the only one of the four who is in active military duty and the other two passengers were only witnesses to the incident, Pacheco said. They provided statements and were released.

Pacheco also confirmed that the incident was alcohol-related.

UPDATE 04/13/2013

The name and photo of the driver arrested in this incident has been removed from this posting. Ryndustries is open to being fair, since life certainly isn’t, and removed the specifics at the request of one of the men involved.