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From Animal-Loving Child to Emmy-Winning Vet for Pets of Hollywood Stars

With celebrity pet owners such as Magic Johnson, Tom Selleck, and Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dr. Jeff Werber’s client list often reads more like a spate of movie credits or a marquee. These and other stars seek out “Dr. Jeff” to treat their own pets, although that is not our veterinarian’s only claim to fame.

Dr. Jeff has made a name for himself in his own right, winning an Emmy from his role as the pet expert on CBS Morning News in Los Angeles. His pet medical reporting and in-depth journalism skills have also earned him national recognition as a pet expert, with appearances on CNN, Oprah, Fox News, the Rachel Ray Show, MTV, and various news programs in Hollywood and beyond.

Hollywood Pet Expert Balances Media Appearances with Compassionate Pet Care

Television and radio are not the only places to find our pet expert, as he has been running a successful Los Angeles practice for the past 27 years. Dr. Jeff first opened Century Veterinary Group in 1988 by leasing a small location not far from our vet clinic’s current location. By 2003, his practice had grown so substantially that he needed a larger and more advanced facility. He got it with our vet clinic’s current award-winning, modern building, which features state-of-the art equipment and comfortable, spacious accommodations. Our animal hospital is also accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association.

While his expertise, compassion, and dedication have merited recognition throughout Hollywood and across the nation, for Dr. Jeff it is simply the result of being true to his passion. Growing up in a household with dogs, the doctor knew he wanted to be a vet from an early age. In fact, his parents tell him that is all he ever talked about.

“With me, I think becoming a veterinarian was more of a calling than a mere childhood dream,” he says. And he dove into that calling with abandon.

His first stop was U.C. Berkley, where he received a degree in zoology in 1976. He began teaching soon after, as an instructor at California State University at Northridge’s Biology Department while enrolled in the facility’s master’s program. He earned his veterinary degree in 1984 from the University of California at Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. Our doctor held a position as an associate veterinarian during his studies and continued working for that same vet clinic for four years after obtaining his vet degree.

Our vet continues to devote his career to the care of animals and public education regarding how to best administer that care. One additional factor that cannot be ignored — even if one tries — is his enthusiasm. He views each day at his vet clinic as exciting as the first day he began his career in veterinary medicine.

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Back Pain is Not Just for People: Animal Chiropractic Care from Charlotte Clinic

Perhaps your dog is limping for no apparent reason, your cat is slow to recover from surgery, or your horse was injured in a jump. A trip to the vet is in order, but one of the solutions might also be found with our Charlotte chiropractor Dr. Darcey Walraven Lander. While Dr. Ladner is not a veterinarian, she is an internationally certified animal chiropractor. She can also supplement standard vet care – not replace it – with chiropractic techniques for specific issues or overall wellness.

Omni Wellness Center Offers Services for People and Their Pets for Back and Neck Pain, Herniated Discs

Chiropractic care for animals is similar to chiropractics for people. Our pets have similar spinal columns packed with nerves that extend to all areas of their bodies. A misalignment, herniated disc, or other spinal issue can lead to back pain, neck pain, or pain throughout a pet’s entire frame.

Dr. Lander’s chiropractic treatments for dogs, cats, and horses include an exam, health history review, and stance and gait analysis to assess the issue. A spinal adjustment is a method that can help correct many issues. It consists of gently guiding the spine into its full range of motion so it can naturally realign itself into the proper position.

Chiropractic care can help pets suffering from pain along any area of the spinal column, including the tail, nerve problems and muscle spasms, and jaw or chewing problems. It can also help pets recover from injuries and surgeries as well as help with the healing and control of chronic internal disorders.

Animal chiropractic care can also particularly benefit older pets that are not as mobile as they used to be, as well as animals that regularly compete in athletic competitions. Chiropractic care for pets offers the same benefits it does for humans: alleviation of pain, restoration and maintenance of spinal health, and a way to help ensure the body is in optimum health using its full range of motion.

Have you ever tried alternative treatments for your pets?
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Five Creative Ways to Make Money

Clean out your closet. This also applies to your garage, basement, spare bedroom or even sticking your hand into the dust bunnies that are surely hiding beneath your bed. Your functional but no-longer-wanted stuff could earn you some cash. Go for the traditional yard sale or list the items online. Some sites, such as Craigslist.com, are free to use and come complete with local listings so you don’t even have to ship your goodies across the nation for delivery. While you’re sifting through your stuff, you might even run across things with the tags still on that you can return to the store where you bought it – provided they have a generous return policy.

Offer a service. Got a lawn mower and a green thumb? A dog leash and a love of canines? Offering a service at which you excel and are already prepared for with all the equipment can be a quick and easy, definitely a candidate as one of the five creative ways to make money. If you’re already friendly with your neighbors, you have a big plus when it comes to potential clients. Simply mention it next time you’re chatting over the fence. If you’re one of those surly neighbors who never talks to anyone, you can instead post your services online in local classified sites, in newsletters or low-cost small newspapers or even stick fliers to community bulletin boards.

Make stuff. Whether you’re an expert baker, skilled carpenter or a wacky artist, your creations might just be creative enough to earn you some cash. Peddle your wares at local fairs, have a specialized garage sale or use those online listings once again to show the world what you can whip up in a flash. You can also ask around at appropriate venues. Bring your hand-knit children’s caps to the local daycare center. Stop by the homey mom and pop bakery and see if they want to try a sample of your cookies. Once they taste how delicious they are, of course, they will certainly want to sell them – or maybe even buy your recipe.

Rent out your garage. Or your spare bedroom. Or your large outdoor shed. Find out the going rate for comparable storage space, bedroom rentals or parking spaces and add rentals to your growing list of five creative ways to make money. Any extra space you own could earn a pretty penny with a quick sweep, new rug and a fresh coat of paint. Perhaps now is the ideal time to set up that basement apartment you’ve always wanted. While you’re cleaning out the basement, you’ll probably find stuff to sell for cash, to boot.

Hunt for change. Quarters, nickels, dimes – and even pennies – can add up to pretty penny if you happen to have enough of them. Scour your couch cushions, junk drawers, long-forgotten piggy banks, car floor, pockets and anywhere else you think spare change might be lingering. Supermarkets and other convenience stores even have change sorting machines so you can pour the whole penny jar right into the device and have the machine count it for you.

Another way to hunt for change is begging on the street corner. While this endeavor can be very creative – especially if you come up with a doozy of an excuse of why you need the money – it can also be illegal. Check your local laws to ensure begging is allowed or you might have to pay out all your creative, hard-earned cash to post bail for your charge of vagrancy.

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MyReviewsNow and Fine Jewelry Designer Judith Ripka Join in Dazzling Affiliation

A dazzling affiliation is now in effect between MyReviewsNow.net and Judith Ripka, an award-winning fine jewelry designer who is a wife, mother, grandmother, philanthropist and one of the top sellers on QVC and luxury markets worldwide. Unique and compelling are two attributes that suit both Ripka’s fine jewelry collection – and the woman herself.

Drawing inspiration from her experiences and surroundings, New York City-based Ripka’s earliest childhood memories are playing in her mother’s jewelry box. She launched her first 18k gold collection in 1977 and her fine jewelry has continued to delight, entice and bedazzle ever since.

Ripka’s fine jewelry designs suit every taste, from the truly traditional to the nouveau chic, the glamorous to the functional. Her finesse at combining fine jewelry elements is one reason behind her massive success and appeal.

“It’s about striking the balance between the elegance of a classic woman with the fashion sense of today’s modern woman,” Ripka says on her website. Such a combination results in jewelry that is as fashionable today as it was 20 years ago – or will be 20 years in the future. Her vision of excellence, translated into gold, silver and precious gems, transcends all boundaries of style, age and time.

Ripka’s astounding appeal is also due to her sheer passion for her art, which results in copious amounts of original designs every year. She personally designs an estimated 2,500 pieces of fine jewelry annually, with about 800 new styles produced and entering the market. Each piece receives Ripka’s undivided attention and personal touch to ensure it as exceptional as the women who wear it.

“When a woman is wearing my jewelry,” Ripka says, “I want her to feel as if she is wrapped in one of life’s greatest luxuries.” The topnotch fine jewelry designer easily achieves this goal by incorporating only the highest-quality metals and gems available.

Judith Ripka’s fine jewelry is renown for its use of 18k celadon gold, a gold she created herself by mixing a secret alloy that results in a soft green gold color that compliments most skin tones. The silver and white gold pieces are gently coated with a fine layer of Rhodium, a derivative of platinum, that helps prevent scratching and tarnishing while retaining the fine jewelry’s natural shine and luster.

The sparkling array of gemstones ranges from the radiant red African Ruby to the deep Yellow Beryl from Brazil. Ripka’s fine jewelry contains only the finest diamonds, with brilliant, full-cut stones for maximum refraction and reflection that result in maximum brightness and fire. Ripka also encourages women to further personalize their fine jewelry selection by offering to customize nearly any piece of jewelry with any color available on the stone chart. Clients can opt to go green and bright with jade, tourmaline or peridot or add a dark and mysterious flair with hermitite, black onyx or a deep Indian sapphire.

Ripka has spent years perfecting her own custom stone cuts and faceting to best enhance the beauty of each gem in her collection. Other signature touches in her fine jewelry line include beading and rope twists that add interest, dimension and texture and the notable lobster claw closure that graces the front of several lines. Small, enchanting hearts are also often hidden inside a ring or on the edges of other fine jewelry pieces, while her signature heart motif graces the gallery back inside each piece, proving once again her exquisite attention to detail never wanes.

Her desire to make a difference never wanes, either. Ripka’s dedication to myriad causes has earned her honors from prestigious organizations, she sits on several boards and steering committees, and the First Lady invited her to Washington in 1995 for a Women’s Leadership Council forum on children’s healthcare. Ripka aims to inspire through her art and she has created commemorative fine jewelry pieces for various organizations. Her charitable nature runs as deep as her talents, and MyReveiwsNow.net is proud of the newly formed affiliation.

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