One local teen has been singing for more than her supper.

Marana high school freshman Kailey Carranza has been singing for a cure.

This melodic 14-year-old has been donating her time, talents – and all proceeds from her newly released CD – to an organization dedicating to finding a cure for leukemia.

She got hooked on Lea’s Foundation because other family members had volunteered for the group. Her CD, “Singing for a Cure,” can be found on the Lea’s Foundation Web site and more info at Carranza’s MySpace page.

Carranza’s talents took center stage once again on Saturday when she sang the national anthem at a luncheon honoring former Arizona Governor Raul Castro for his lifetime of service. Castro was the first, and so far only, Mexican-America elected to govern Arizona in 1974. He since went on to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, El Salvador and Bolivia; Pima County Attorney and Superior Court Judge.

Not a bad luncheon at which to sing, especially if they were served those little triangular sandwiches.

Teens doing cool things gives me so much hope, especially after watching Eden Lake this weekend (review coming soon).

I say a standing ovation is in order for Kailey Carranza. Heck, give one to Castro and Lea’s Foundation, too, while you’re at it.

Kailey Carranza and Gov. Raul Castro

Kailey Carranza and Gov. Raul Castro

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