I used to live in a dilapidated New York City building where sewer rats climbed up through the drain to fight in the shower. Thanks to recovery, I now live in paradise.

Yeah, we still have rats. But they’re pack rats that have so far stayed outside (knock wood). And we’re now highfalutin enough to have those things called drain covers.

My last drink was a piss-warm Heineken during a morning work break on July 22, 1999. My first full day of sobriety was July 23. On July 23, 2022, I celebrate 23 years in recovery.

And what a celebration it is!

When I say I live in paradise, I’m not just referring to the paradise of Southwest Florida. I’m talking about the paradise that regularly dances through my soul. An ongoing tango of spiritual bliss. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sure, there may be days where the whole world feels like it has two left feet. But I only need to visit those days temporarily. I no longer have to live there.

Keeping the high vibes going takes daily maintenance, with a potpourri of options to weave into my lineup. Prayer. Meditation. Reiki. Journaling. Hypnotic trances. Exercise. Connection with the divine.

My recovery toolbox is packed to eradicate negativity and worldly BS. The Violet Flame of Saint Germain. Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light. Healthy eating. Happy thinking. Breathing in the light. Afternoon naps.

With all that regularly going on, pack rats are only something that catch my attention when I hear them throwing themselves against the backyard shed after dusk.

When I was on the flipside and living in the darkness, I thought of sewer rats all the time.

It’s kind of tough not to when they’re skittering up your drainpipes and slithering into your bedroom through the painted-open, non-screened window.

Actually, I didn’t simply think OF the sewer rats. I thought LIKE them. I’d skulk in dark corners. Eat dribs and drabs of whatever was around (free ice cream from working at Ben & Jerry’s).

My favorite hangouts were pockets of filth in abandoned buildings.

Now my favorite hangout is the beach.

It’s mind-blowing when I look back and compare not only where I was then to where I am now – but WHO I was then compared to who I am now.

A whole different person (who recently even bought a pink water bottle – hahaha).

Yes, I’ve changed a lot. And anyone can. As long as you put in the footwork. Connect with the divine. And invite the light to enliven your soul to chase out the darkness and sewer rats.

Making High Vibes a Way of Life Since 1999