Sick of books that sugar-coat addiction recovery? We were, too. That’s why we collected tips, tidbits and real-life experience from those who tell it like it is. No chicken soup here, only solutions that have worked for folks in the real world. 

Solume Solutions for Addiction Recovery is one book in a series of anthologies that present real-life solutions from real-life folks on a variety of topics. I was honored to edit as well as contribute to the addiction recovery collection, thanks to publisher Nathan Chowilawu-Eshe. I also wrote the intro, which appears below: 


Addiction is more than a single aspect of life – it can become your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re addicted to drugs, booze, sex or food. Addiction has the power to beat you up and take you down. You do strange and dangerous things, wake up next to strange and dangerous people. Or, in the worst-case scenario, never wake up again at all. As one saying puts it, three inevitable results of addiction are jails, institutions or death. We’re offering a fourth option in the Solume Solutions for Addiction Recovery collection. This option is called recovery – and it certainly beats the heck out of jails, institutions or death.

Solume stands for ‘solutions for you and me’, and recovery is a solution to addiction that can, at times, be as wild and even as scary as addiction itself. But the one main reason it differs is because it comes with hope. Hope, and the benefit of remembering what you did last night.

The talented writers in this collection share that common thread of hope throughout their works, and we believe this hope can be contagious and help others cope with addiction. When it comes to addiction recovery, there is no right or wrong method of going about it, as long as the method works for you. We are offering methods that have worked for us, or even those that have not worked for us but may be of help to someone else.

This collection does not preach, nor does it tout a particular recovery program or solution above all others. It simply offers a collection of solutions that are as real as the people who wrote them.

Gracious thanks to all the writers who were bold enough to speak out to help others. Kudos and applause to Mary Ahl, Chris Hubbard, Lewis Humphries, Phil Linz, Tonia Liosatos, Laura Poindexter, Jennifer Lowery, and Mary T.

A standing ovation goes to writer and publisher Nathan Chowilawu-Eshe who came up with the idea for the series. He not only launched a Solume Solutions for Addiction Recovery but also for a host of other issues that often come piggy-backing on that thing called life.

Life, like recovery, should be celebrated. Solume Solutions is here to help you do it.

Cheers, with a cup of coffee!
Ryn Gargulinski

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P.S. Print copies of the book will be available in the future as part of the Solume Solutions complete collection. Individual books available in e-book form only.