RideNow Powersports Management Group
6655 S. Kyrene Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85283

Dear RideNow Powersports,

While I am thrilled with the 2007 Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle I purchased from your Tucson location on Oct. 20, 2012, the thrill has been subsequently tempered by the wholly disgusting experience that followed. The attitude of your Tucson shop left me with a “love them and leave them” type of feeling where the main focus was getting the sale and my money and then not giving a damn what happens after that.

Here’s why I feel that way.

The contract I signed at the conclusion of the sale deal with Brandon Baily noted my loan would be financed by GE Capital Bank. Brandon said I would receive paperwork from the bank outlining how payments could be made. The first payment would be due Nov. 20, plenty of time for the paperwork to arrive. Or so I thought.

October turned into November and the first payment’s due date of Nov. 20 drew nigh.

Still no paperwork.

After calling Tucson RideNow finance department’s Jacob on Nov. 13 and not hearing back from him (although he promised to call me back with an answer), I called GE and inquired about the loan. GE had no record of my existence, let alone a loan set up on my behalf. After explaining the situation to the GE rep, he suggested I go in person to RideNow and stand over Jacob’s desk until I was given an answer.

I instead tried another phone call. This time, after being placed on hold for an extended period, Jacob told me one of the documents that had been faxed from RideNow to GE on Oct. 20 “came out blurry” on GE’s end and my loan was thus never finalized. He said GE was working on it “right now” and he’d call me back “personally, first thing tomorrow morning” with the information I needed to make my first payment in a timely manner.

The next morning came and went. I heard nothing from Jacob or anyone else from RideNow Tucson.

I called to speak with Jacob that afternoon, Nov. 14, and after being placed on hold for an extended period, my call was kicked back the woman who originally answered the phone. I told her anyone in finance would be OK to speak with, so she tried to transfer my call again. Once again no one answer and, after being placed on hold for an extended period, my call was kicked back the woman who originally answered the phone.

Realizing that trying to get an answer out of RideNow Tucson was less likely than my dog suddenly reciting the alphabet, I once again phoned GE. My loan was finally set up, as it should have been nearly a month prior. But it’s not like anyone at RideNow bothered to tell me this.

It’s a blessing that I have a background in journalism as it took persistence, research and multiple phone calls to amend an issue that should have not been an issue in the first place. It’s ridiculous that customers have to beg, plead and sleuth to get the answers they need once the sale is in the bag and the store has already gobbled the customers’ money.

As I said, it’s wholly disgusting.

Since I’m on a roll here, I may as well throw in the oil change issue. About one week after purchasing the motorcycle, I brought it back to the shop because the oil was black and appeared to be overfilled.

A service tech glanced at the oil level and color, said something to the effect of, “Nah, don’t worry about it,” and quickly scurried back inside the garage or wherever the service techs hide from whatever work needs to be done.

I have since had the oil changed elsewhere. It was filthy and in need of a change, although I had been told RideNow performs an oil change on every bike that comes in before they sell it. That must have been one dirty showroom for oil to get that black while inside the shop!

I have also since come to understand that now that RideNow had my cash, any other questions or concerns about the bike are now mine and mine alone.

This is not an ethical way to do business. Nor is it very attractive. I am going to make sure others in Tucson who need help with their own motorcycles are aware of the trials and tribulations that potentially await if they take their business to RideNow. And I am once again gratified I am a journalist who can share this story online for others to review.

Just because RideNow Tucson is the only game in town doesn’t mean we have to frequent it. It just means we may have to travel a bit or once again turn to our research skills to find reliable and responsible service, or even common courtesy.

Have a nice day,

Ryn Gargulinski
Writer, artist, performer
Happy motorcycle owner who is NOT happy with the Tucson motorcycle shop

Cc: RideNow Powersports Tucson


RideNow Powersports update – Tucson store general manager Michael Kozda called not once but TWICE to remedy the situation. He sounds like a sincere fellow and I must say his reaching out helped transform my attitude. RideNow is OK again – please shop there if needed (hahah). thanks, mike!