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Cool Websites: An Introduction

Cool websites don’t just look good. They perform like magic. Whether you need a little help tweaking website content or a lot of help creating a new brand and site from scratch, you can count on Rynski for creative results. Check out a few cool website examples below.

What you Need

User-friendly layout
Mobile-ready design
Eye-catching images
Enticing SEO writing
Brand personality

How to Get It

Rynski (of course!)

cool websites by rynski

Cool Website Example 1

Laughing Wolf Consulting with Rynski

Laughing Wolf Consulting with Rynski is a brand-building company that brings a powerful punch to content marketing with creative content and solutions.


This brand faced the biggest challenge all brands face: getting off the ground. Before a site could even be considered, Ryn spent weeks brainstorming the perfect brand name, logo and tagline that were catchy, cool and would adequately reflect the brand’s services and personality. Once that was set, the rest came naturally. 


  • Strong brand theme
  • Brand name, logo and tagline perfectly aligned
  • Sleek, business-oriented design
  • Colors to reflect professionalism, but not boring-ism



  • Five consultations scheduled within the first week of launch.
  • Initial consultations generated $9,436 in business.
  • Ongoing attention and business generated from the site.

Cool Website Example 2

Laughing Wolf Healing with Rynski

Laughing Wolf Healing with Rynski offers spiritual coaching and healing to help people rise above the madness that has become our world. Yes, it’s dark and scary. But so is life if you don’t rise above.   


The big challenge for this brand was the same one faced by many spiritual coaches, healers and Reiki masters: promoting rather esoteric concepts in a way that people will both understand and be drawn to. And it has to be done without an overload of info. 


  • Clear, easy-to-understand content
  • Focus on the benefits and problems solved
  • Adequate info without overload
  • Dark and dangerous brand vibe to underscore danger of letting the world bring you down
  • Pops of humor and surprise to lighten the dark and dangerous (All gloomy with no hope is not the best marketing plan)


  • Remarkably high web traffic to Reiki page, which offers fun-to-read snippets of info that makes Reiki easy to understand.
  • Extremely targeted audience, making it clear this type of healing and coaching is for those brave enough to handle it.
  • Increase in book sales, especially “The 12 Steps for Everyone.”
  • Ongoing attention and business generated from the site.

Cool Website Example 3

Lavaggio Prima: Herbal Shampoo + Hair Treatments

Lavaggio Prima is a one-man brand who pours his soul into his creations: herbal shampoo and hair treatments for people and pets. He hand-mixes all shampoo and treatments in small batches, using carefully chosen botanical ingredients and lots of love.


Established in the 1970s, this brand was doing great until the internet came around. Then, like many other old-school brands, it couldn’t seem to make the leap from in-person sales to digital marketing. The former website had absolutely no sales during its 5+ years in existence.  


  • Total site overhaul, with new layout, new graphics, new copy and eye-catching images that give you a feel for what these hair treatments can do
  • Customer-centric focus on benefits, instead of blathering on about features of product.
  • Inclusion of features, ingredients and other minute details customers demand – just in the right place (which is NOT the homepage)


  • Sales, sales and more sales! The first sale came within 30 days of launch, subsequent sales continued monthly.
  • Sales with no outside marketing, all due to laser-focused SEO content and a focus on what Lavaggio Prima can do for you (and your pets!).
  • Added emotional connection by including a summary of the origin story on product pages and other areas of site.

Happy Website Services 

Delight readers and create customers while showcasing your brand.

Website Creation

Website creation or revamp to put a fresh face forward.

Best if you have:

  • No brand, no website
  • New brand, no website
  • Tired brand and/or tired website

Website Review

Review any or all aspects of your website.

Best if you have:

  • Haphazard content
  • Cobbled-together site
  • Poor conversion rates

Website Content

New writing and/or images for any or all areas of site. 

Best if you have:

  • No content
  • Ho-hum content
  • Content that’s not optimized or effective



Bring me your website and brand roadblocks.

We’ll brainstorm solutions together. 

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