Every time I think of my old decked-out car, I think of George. No, George was not a mechanic at the local garage. He was a business advisor at Tucson SCORE.

And my car wasn’t decked out to go 800 miles an hour—or I would have surely speeded my way out of my driver’s license by now. It was covered in crazy Ryn Art.

George was the driving force behind the design (pun intended), although he didn’t even know it. At one of our sessions discussing marketing tactics, George had come up with the idea to put crazy decals all over my vehicle to grab attention for my Ryndustries business as I cruised down the road. 

What a Great Marketing Tactic!

I got to work immediately, sketching out skeletons, drafting up dogs, and creating a creepy face for the front-facing hood. A decal shop took my design on paper and turned it into realty.

At my next session with George, I immediately dragged him outside to show him his idea in action. Oh, what a good mentee am I, running with the idea in seconds flat.

He looked at my car with some kind of weird shock on his face.

Then he said, “I had been kidding.”

Oops. Marketing Tactic Had Been a Joke

Although George had not been serious about decking out my car in Ryn Art, it certainly made a statement. It also brought years of driving pleasure until I sold it for an update.

The first thing the buyers did after signing the agreement? They started ripping off the decals in record speed.

P.S. The decals left no marks once a good wash removed any buildup. Yet another reason to go with car decals as a marketing tactic.

P.P.S. Contact me if you want me to sketch up a custom car decal design. I would be delighted to. And George would surely be pleased that his idea continues to delight.

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