jumbo voodoo bride and groom

Say I love you! in a whopping way with our custom jumbo lucky voodoo dolls. Unlike the mean and destructive traditional voodoo dolls, our Lucky Voodoo Dolls bring fame and fortune to all people they meet. Well, not really, but they are made with love, creativity and customized to your personal tastes and interests.

The Jumbo Lucky Voodoo Dolls measure an impressive 2 feet tall, twice the size of our conventional Lucky Voodoo Dolls.

Our bride and groom voodoo dolls make a perfectly unique wedding gift, such as the couple pictured created for the happy union of a sweet bride and groom from Texas. The two were getting married in voodoo-happy New Orleans, but the dolls will be glad to grace you anywhere in the world.

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For more info, order a single jumbo voodoo doll or to add details to your order, email ryngargulinski@hotmail.com