Death can dance as an attractive option when you’re down low, but it kind of kills of the chances of anything ever getting better. It also devastates everyone around you, a fact that becomes painfully clear in Solume Solutions for Suicide Prevention.

So don’t try suicide – read this book instead.

Solume Solutions for Suicide Prevention is one book in a series of anthologies that present real-life solutions from real-life folks on a variety of topics. I was honored to edit as well as contribute to two of the books so far, suicide prevention and addiction recovery, thanks to publisher Nathan Chowilawu-Eshe. I also wrote the intros for both, and the suicide prevention intro appears below: 


Sure, life can suck. But suicide sucks even worse. The big difference between the two is that life can, and does, get better. Suicide is truly the end of the line. And it only makes things worse, especially for everyone and everything you leave behind.

But don’t take it from me. Take it from the lineup of talented writers who were open, honest and courageous enough to share their own first-hand experience with the concept of suicide.

Many have flirted with the idea themselves, even attempted it or made a pact. Others have lived through the suicide of a husband, a mother, a friend. Several have gone through both horrors: the suicide of a loved one compounded by the thoughts of taking their own lives.

Thankfully those thoughts were never successfully acted upon and they are here to share their stories.

As with all Solume Solutions collections, our writers go beyond simply telling you about the problems or issues they faced. They tell you how they got through them.

Our goal is to present real-life solutions that worked for real-life people who were faced with real-life problems that may be similar to your own.

Even if their situations are vastly different than your own, the differences are not what matters when the foreboding feelings of hopelessness and despair are the same. What matters are the solutions. And those solutions can work for you.

Much thanks go to writers Adrian Reynolds, Mary T., Gizelle Jander, Theresa Harnar, Mike Nicholson, Nikki Amaris, and Topher Purdy. We are so grateful they are still alive – and that you are, too.

We want you to stay that way. So sit back, take a deep breath, and check out ways other people have successfully survived through their own phases of darkness. The real darkness is with death, and that’s a darkness that lasts forever.

Living through the darkness can ultimately bring you light.

Ryn Gargulinski

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