ugly fish sign

Ugly fish might be necessary to make other fish look pretty, but by no means is it necessary for you to go near them. Remember to steer clear with this gorgeous ugly fish metal warning sign, a perfect piece to enhance your fishpond, home aquarium or desktop fish bowl. Putrid orange hues blend unnaturally with light purple polka dots and wild, unfocused eyes.

Why you need it:
You will never again have your arm ripped off by the jaws of a horrific-looking fish if you have such a sign to remind you to steer clear. Your fishpond, aquarium or fish bowl will also benefit aesthetically from heeding the warning.

How I made it:
Metal yard art is created with love and care by first cutting out shape from sheet metal, filing down the edges with a Dremel and pounding out kinks with a flat hammer and anvil combination that the neighbors and my dogs hate.

Approx. 15 inches wide by 12 inches high.
Weather resistant, rust-resistant paint finished off with clear coat.
Wire loop for easy hanging. Ugly purple polka dots.

Custom orders always welcome! Fish signs can include specialized species, such as colossal koi or battling bettas, or the ever-popular “Beware of Goldfish” and “Beware of Guppy,” the latter of which sold out nearly before I finished making it. A big wide fishpond of possibilities is yours for the choosing. To place a custom order or more info, e-mail

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